Thursday, April 15, 2010

Former SNL'er Victoria Jackson- "There's A Communist Living In The White House"

About twenty years ago Victoria Jackson became a familiar figure on Saturday Night Live portraying a generic ditzy blond.

Now, she's morphed into a second career....ditzy blond Tea Bagger.

Victoria was at the Anti-Tax Tea Party rally in Washington today, and performed for the crowd. Here she is, courtesy of Ed Schultz and The Ed Show on MSNBC

I think Miss Vicky is gearing up for another phase of life....maybe public office is next. Bachmann, least Victoria used to get paid for saying dumb stuff, and she knew it was dumb.

Until now.


SteveCo said...

She's much funnier today than she ever was on SNL! And I seriously thought her ditsy shtick was an act... and part of my mind thinks she is indeed a parody. Seems, sadly to not be the case. And politically speaking, she's not only comedy gold, she is certainly not a net-positive for the tone-deaf, a-historical, misanthropic, and of course, mostly racists.

The most telling teabagger quote was a man answering a reporter's question with this gem that began thus:

"It's not just because he's black..."

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

SteveCo- Watching Kathleen Parker, a conservative, on FACE THE NATION as I type this. And I agree with her assertion that the Tea Partiers could be (and are) a problem for the Republicans because of the perception that they are the "ant-Obama" party rather than standing for a anything of real substance. The membership of birthers and others (including some out and out racists) of the Far Right in the Tea Party just reinforces that perception.

And rightly or wrongly, perception is reality.

Malcolm said...

Although I think Victoria is serious and way off the charts with her anti-Obama rants, there are times when it looks like she is doing a parody of a stereotypical Tea Partying nutjob.

It was funny as hell last month when she was on "Fox and Friends" and called Obama a communist. Even Steve Doocy wasn't having any of that and had to say that Obama wasn't one.

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