Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ben Stein- "He (President Obama) Is So Right On This One It's Not Even Close"

Most know Ben Stein as an entertainer, comedian, pitchman, and political and economic commentator. And in another lifetime Mr. Stein was a speechwriter for Republican Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

But today on CBS Sunday Morning Ben Stein threw his support to President Barack Obama and the reform package the administration wants for Wall Street reform. And Ben has some choice words for the Wall Street me, it ain't pretty.

There's one thing a wise man will never do....mess with Ben Stein's money (da-dum).

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And I thought the following would be of interest as well. On Face The Nation Bob Schieffer was joined by author Michael Lewis (THE BIG SHORT) and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman. They talked about the Wall Street reform package....and bemoan that so little has changed since the collapse. Also, Friedman takes the President to task for not pushing (and putting on a back burner) the proposed climate change bill, which did have some bipartisan support. Sadly, it may all about political posturing.

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A very interesting morning on CBS....and more enlightening than the usual Sunday morning political food fights.


Sue said...

thanks for posting the Ben Stein piece, that makes me feel better after silverfiddles remarks today. We have a good guy in the White House and I know he won't let us down! :-)

Hugh Jee From Jersey said... the second video Bob Schieffer made an interesting analogy; Wall Street went about their business like they were running a casino.

This afternoon I watched the history of the Mob in Las Vegas. The bosses of Chicago, Milwaukee, and Kansas City were able to take over Vegas the fifties and sixties because nobody in the federal government or state government wanted to regulate gaming. So using the Teamsters pension fund money as a cash register the mob bought the town. J. Edgar Hoover was too busy looking for commies to look at what was happening under his nose.

And its disturbing to see that there are people who believe HANDS OFF Wall Street is the way to go. What happened in 2007-08 was at the least an ethical breakdown, and possible criminal activity took place.

Wall Street collapsed NOT because of people buying houses that they couldn't collapsed because the suits and fat cats wanted them to fail because it would make them rich because they bet against them.

The GOLDMAN-SACHS suits are just the tip of the iceberg...."frat boys indeed".

Government does have a role to play in protecting its citizens from economic collapse. I've got two people in the house with me born in 1927 and 1929....and they could tell you some stories.

Sue...take care. Hope things work out.

JUDI M. said...

Saw the Ben Stein piece this morning and could not believe it. Very interesting, coming from the right.

And your choice of music is very good today, as usual. Thanks. Got to look some of these people up.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Judi- of course the GOP decided to delay action in a vote taken today. Why am I not shocked by that?

As for the music, its led off by three songs by the troubled genius Nick Drake, who died at age 26 way back in 1974. He was managed by the same team that had Fairport Convention.

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