Friday, April 16, 2010

AFL-CIO NOW BLOG | Limbaugh Lies About Big Branch Mine: No, Rush, It Wasn’t Union

Rush Limbaugh, aka "America's Great White Gasbag", once again has demonstrated that he's not about to let the truth stand in the way of his version of the story.

Limbaugh has alleged that the United Mine Workers failed to protect their members, whom, he claims were among the 29 miners killed in the blast at the Upper Big Branch mine in West Virginia, owned and operated by the Massey Energy Company.

But here's the problem with statement....Upper Big Branch was NOT a union mine.

When challenged about his claim about Upper Big Branch being a union mine, click the video below to hear what Rush Limbaugh said, in his own words.

Alright, Massey did rehire 85 miners in the case mentioned in 2009.

But here's the was at the Cannelton mine, which is not even in Raleigh County, where the Upper Big Branch mine is located.

Even Fox News got that point right. Rush Limbaugh didn't.

And even if that was the is the onus put on the UMWA for Massey running an unsafe mine? What kind of twisted logic is that?

And calling it logic of any sort is a stretch.


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