Friday, March 26, 2010

Together Again...Johnnie and Sarah, Redux

Reunited.....because it felt so good...(NOT)....the first time.

John McCain, in a fight for his Senate seat from upstart JD Hayworth, had the once and former Governor of Alaska...and his running mate in some stumping with him today on the campaign trail.

Sarah Palin and John McCain...."Together Again".

Yes....just when you thought it was safe to come out....HELL NO!!!!

They did their usual schtik today, bashing President Obama, Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, the nefarious "Big Government", and some others drawn from the chapters of the GOP's GREATEST HITS.

There's only one thing wrong....didn't they audition together previously?

It didn't work out very well, did it?

To be brutally honest....the role John McCain is trying to play now of being more conservative than the self proclaimed "Consistent Conservative" Hayworth isn't working, it looks rehearsed, phony, and he just isn't comfortable being an attack dog.

And Sarah Palin....what else is there to say? Vapid is too mild a word in describe the less than one term former governor. Her material is getting a little old, and her shrill voice, resembling fingernails on a blackboard, is enough to make one choose waterboarding over listening to her speeches.

It is cashing in time for Palin....if McCain didn't pick her out of obscurity in September 2008, she'd still be doing her "governor- thing" in Alaska, at much less than the seven figures she's pulling in as the Sweetheart of the Right. It wasn't so bad losing in '08 for Sarah Palin...she got a book deal, big time speaking fees, a gig on FOX Noise....and her own reality show on TLC. The only person who made out better than Sarah Palin after the McCain-Palin loss was Tina Fey

So if you want to hear what these two icons in the Grand Obstructionist Party have to say, be my guest. I couldn't make it through either video.

Better yet....just listen to Ray Charles sing TOGETHER AGAIN on the PLAYLIST.


Sue said...

terribly embarrassing for McCain to say the least. Thewife didn't look to thrilled either, and Palin, good lordy she is such a cocky little B***H. The whole rally looked really uncomfortable for McCain, Norah said he was not focused on what Palin was even saying. Losers....

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- If this were a movie, it could probably found here-'s list of "The Worst Sequels of Alltime".

What is McCain doing?

At one time even the most liberal members of the Senate (like Ted Kennedy) could look to McCain as a consensus builder, and a comparative moderate voice. He's starting to look like a Republican version of William Jennings Bryan- an able legislator who ended his career looking like a crazy old man. Its kind of sad.

And Sarah Palin....she's like hemorrhoids; irritating and never really ever goes away.

TomCat said...

It must have been thoroghly embarrassing for McConJob to have to play second fiddle to Mooseolini, and Cindy looked like she's eaten a bad clam.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

TC- the sad thing is, McCain doesn't realize how embarrassing that whole kabuki dance performance was....and then not picking up on the fact of the "hell no you can't" chant has become a kind of national joke.

Maybe this is his penance for unleashing Sarah unto an unsuspecting world.

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