Friday, March 5, 2010

Quick Hits For March 5, 2010

Its time again for QUICK HITS, where I string together various random thoughts that have been fermenting....or my brain for sometime, needing to escape. Ready or not, here they come.

(1). Why does baseball call it "Spring Training" when most of the games are played in winter?

(2). Justin Bieber is a trending topic on TWITTER. Am I supposed to know who he is? I have blue jeans older than him!

(3). A fairly prominent conservative site has linked to this blog, and stated that this blogger was a fan, and by implication, a friend of the Tea Party movement. Mmmmm- did the person who wrote that ever take the time to read the stuff that I post here? Try it will be a real eye opener. And no, I am not a commie pinko socialist; just a card carrying Blue Jersey Dem. The DIXIE CHICKS leading off the PLAYLIST, or maybe the picture of Ted Kennedy at the bottom of the page with the logo "UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE NOW!"....or perhaps the old banner for this blog at the bottom of the page (with Groucho Marx, John Lennon, George Carlin and Bill Maher) just might have been a tip off as to the nature of this blog.

So to my conservative "fan" who thinks we're on the same page....all I'll say is thank God you never decided to make law enforcement a career. Lily Rush would have "Cold Cases" up to her pretty blond head if you did.

(4). As a longtime viewer of BIG LOVE I have to say it....the show "jumped the shark" with the episode where Bill and Joey go to Mexico to rescue Lois, Frank and Ben, and an enraged Lois chops off Hollis Greene's arm. I've already given my two cents about the direction of the show on a couple of entertainment sites, so I won't rehash any more of my complaints. But the thing that made the show entertaining, the domestic problems encountered by a man trying to juggle three wives and a brood of offspring, often gets pushed to the background by the dozen other plotlines going on simultaneously. The bottom line- the show has become exhausting to watch, and its with a sense of relief that the show's season will come to a merciful end this Sunday.

(5). On a Rutgers football fansite the latest buzz is all about the real possibility of Rutgers being asked to join the Big Ten Conference. If this were to occur Rutgers could possibly quadruple its athletic revenues per year- leaving the Big East would be a no brainer as a business move.

But one fan from Iowa decided to give his two cents when he posted on the site....that Rutgers (in his opinion) would be a bad fit for the Big Ten because New Jersey is so culturally different from Iowa. Gee, that didn't stop the University of Iowa from coming to New Jersey to recruit star running back (and current New York Jet) Shonn Greene a few years ago.

As far as being culturally different....yes we have people with different accents, and some with complexions darker than a paper bag, and we have many who's surnames end in a vowel. But what this guy was saying without really saying it was that New Jersey people are not quite same as "real" Americans from the Midwest. Not quite as Western European Nordic to suit him. Too many "others" in New Jersey.

Yes....he's a bigoted jerk.

I believe most people in this country are the same regarding basic values- and I've lived all over the country through the years; Illinois, Texas, Utah, Colorado, Florida, even a few years overseas in the United Kingdom (yes, where they have the stain and burden of that evil socialist national health care).....but most of my life I've lived in New Jersey. And to Mr. Iowa Bigoted Jerk- I had several friends originally from Iowa during my time living in the Colorado high country. They were some of the coolist people I've ever known, as well as great skiers and heavy duty partiers.... they were from Ames, and Iowa State University. Sorry, I can't vouch for people from Iowa City.

Oh well...Go Cyclone! Beat them Hawkeyes!!!!!

(6). Did you hear the one about the conservative Republican State Senator from California, a staunch opponent of equal rights for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered Americans who was busted for drunk driving?

He was driving home from a gay bar.

Just hours ago State Senator Roy Ashburn has decided to take a leave of absence while a political firestorm has been ignited regarding his sexual orientation.

Haven't we seen this script somewhere before?

(7). More from TWITTER. I've finally found out the truth about Sean Combs- he must have multiple personalities. Look at this latest "tweet" from iamdiddy....

"I left Diddy in Paris...tonight PUFF DADDY IS TAKING OVER LONDON! Hosting CLUB AMIKA and then you BETTER be at my afterparty at RUNWAY!! "

See....he's so confused and can't make up his mind as to who he really is. So talented. So sad.

(8).You've all probably heard about chatroulette. Its the newest thing with younger people....all you need is a webcam. But parents take note; it can be dangerous; do you know what kind of creep is talking to your kids?
Take a look at this video....

Late Additions! Saturday March 6

(9). Back to TWITTER again. Somebody on TWITTER gave me an "@Hugh_Jee" reference and called me a "cancer destroying the moral fiber of America". His problem with me- I'm a critic of Glenn Beck.

I won't waste very much of the readers time....I have some dirty work to do. There's so much American morality for me to screw up and so little time. Maybe I should lift the ban on cursing on this blog and speed up the process. Whadya think?

(10).And finally.....a Sarah Palin reality show?

        What have we been watching for all of these months?

         The woman who despises the media, demands that people respect the privacy of her children, yet parades them in front of cameras at the drop of a hat, is said to be pitching a new reality show produced by Palin and Mark Burnett, the man behind SURVIVOR and THE APPRENTICE.  Palin, who tried her hand at standup on the TONIGHT SHOW (where it is said canned in laughter was used for the broadcast),  and Burnett are said to have met with executives from the Big Four Networks. The show is supposed to be a look at life in Alaska.

          Sonny Bono....Fred Thompson....Ronald Reagan; Right leaning entertainers who went into politics. Sarah Palin doing it in reverse. And Its been reported that Palin has been on a swag spree at pre-Oscar events, though at least one publication has called the stories fabrications.  And this just in....Kathy Griffin  has arrived in Alaska with her "Life On The D-List" show,  accompanied on stage in a show in Anchorage by Levi Johnston, the father of Palin's  grandchild with daughter Bristol.

Reality bytes....heh?


Sue said...

Kathy Griffin is awesome, I love her shows. But to do stand up with dweeby non-talker sidekick Levi will ruin it! I can't stand the guy.

If you lift the cursing ban me and Kathy can light up the blog! LOL. I am a Joisey girl afterall...

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- I bet you and Kathy could! LOL!!!

The only reason I ban the cursing is if I do it and direct at at any person or organization they can turn around and yell the epithets at me....and I have better things to do and enough stuff on my table to be involved in perpetual virtual food fights.

That's not to say I don't think there's a lot of real SOB's out there. More often than not, they're the subjects of my entries.

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