Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nor'easter Rips The Mid Atlantic States

The winter of 2009-10 isn't quite over yet. Two storm systems have combined off the Atlantic coast produce a massive nor'easter with torrential rain and near hurricane force gusts.

The good news its rain, not snow....but the bad news is the ground has been saturated by record breaking snowfall in February and trees are coming down in my Central New Jersey neighborhood. Just minutes ago a fir tree belonging to the neighbor behind me was uprooted and came crashing down into his swimming pool. Another tree came down in pieces across the street.

To be honest....this is getting to be a little bit unnerving.

Of course, THE WEATHER CHANNEL went to their infotainment weekend programming while we're close to being in an emergency situation....nice work!

So far the rain has been two plus inches, but with no let up in sight until Monday...that may not seem like alot of precipitation but again, there is no where else for the water to go.

I did a quick look around the yard- I don't think the house is in any imminent danger, and we are on high ground- flooding will not be a factor on this end but the damaging winds have me very concerned.

Got my flashlight and candles......I'll be back.



Sue said...

Whats going on in NJ?? lol! If it was 25 degrees it woulda been a huge snowstorm, but we are all rain and more rain. The ground feels like a sponge when you walk on it. Just think in a few weeks the trees will be in bloom and the grass will be turning a beautiful green, flowers will be blooming and the sky will be blue! I love spring!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- in this area it was like being in a category 1 hurricane; gusts hit 75+mph- at the shore (Tuckerton) a gust of 93!

One big tree down behind me, another across the street, one more around the corner- a mature maple snapped in half and laying on top of electrical wires. We've had sporadic power surges all day, and parts of town lost power all together; the main drag to US 1 is shut down, live wires across the road.

And now...all of Middlesex County has to boil its water for the next 48 hours because of the flooding at water treatment facilities....

Not to mention the flooding (the town of Bound Brook and the Raritan River are one and the same as of now).

Other than problem!

Bring on spring!!!!

Sue said...

Wow we lucked out down here, nothing like that! Just a couple birdhouses blown off my porch. One more day of the drearies tomorrow then a beautiful week coming up. Stay safe!

BTW, at least you aren't shoveling!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said... be honest, I'd rather be shoveling was a very nervous night around here, with too many trees too close to the house, and a worst case scenario running in my head.

Not very much sleep last night, so I spent much of the day just napping.

I might take some pics tomorrow.

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