Saturday, March 20, 2010

NJ Dem Adler Said To Vote NO On Healthcare Reform; A Profile In Courage It Is Not


In a column written by Tom Moran of the STAR-LEDGER (Newark, NJ) yesterday, it was revealed that Congressman John Adler, a freshman Democrat who road the coattails of the Obama whirlwind into office in 2008, will vote "NO" on the House version of the healthcare reform package.

Adler represents the Third Congressional District of New Jersey, which includes much of Burlington and Ocean Counties, and some of the more affluent suburbs of Camden County. Adler claims that healthcare reform should consist of preventative care, tax credits for the purchase of health insurance, and he has voiced his opposition to a single payer option . Adler's district was held by Republicans for nearly a century...when he held town meeting in Toms River last week it allegedly became an anti-healthcare reform rally.

District Three is one of the most conservative areas of the nominally blue state of New Jersey. It consists of many retirees in the shore communities, as well as those who can afford the steep price real estate in a district where more people have an ocean or bay view than anywhere in the state. Adler says he is going to vote his conscience.....but there is a caveat. A very big one.

His name is John Runyan. Yes, the former Philadelphia Eagle's offensive lineman. Runyan has gotten the blessing of the Republican sugar daddies to run against Adler for the Third District's Congressional seat. Runyan claims to be against more government spending (excepting the military) and for "legitmate" spending on projects in the Third District. In the Runyan story on Runyan never gave specifics. He is against the Democratic healthcare bill but for the purchase of insurance from across state lines. Runyan is pro-nuclear energy, was unspecific regarding beach replenishment, and claims he needs to do more research on the district he wants to represent in Congress. He has been a professional football player his entire life, and this is his first run for public office. He last played for the San Diego Chargers last season.

And though he is a political novice, if I were a betting man, I'd put my money on John Runyan to beat John Adler in November.

Also, in my opinion, I don't see John Adler's probable "no" vote tomorrow as a matter of conscience, or acquiescing to his constituents wishes....its about winning in November, holding on to his seat in Congress, and giving himself two more years representing one of the reddish districts in Blue Jersey.

Its not about political courage- his "no" vote is all about John Adler's political survival.

But let's bottom line this....even if Adler votes "no" Runyan is going to beat Adler in November; the Third is Eagle country; more people know John Runyan down there than the name of their own Congressman. The guy is a hero in South Jersey. and if the healthcare bill goes down to defeat tomorrow- and the Dems are scrambling for every possible vote- do you think Obama, Biden, the Clintons, or any Democratic heavy hitters will lift a finger to help Adler in the fall?

I think there's a better chance of Angelina breaking up with Brad and running away to Rio with yours truly.

If Adler had a change of heart and voted "yes" on the all likelihood the district would go back to the Republicans. But before you can say "Hobson's Choice", think of this.....the one vote of John Adler may cast "for" might be the vote that saves the lives of the 45,000 people in a single year. That number, 45,000, is the number estimated of those who die in a given year because they do not have health insurance.

That number is more than times the amount of military personnel killed in Iraq since that the start of that war seven years ago.

Why is it that those lives lost in Iraq are venerated while those lost each year in our hospitals, clinics, and hospices are treated like marginalized numbers, and are penny pinched, and are mere pawns in a political game of wins and losses?

How can we treat the lives of OUR countrymen so shabbily...and breast beat about "good conscience"?

John Adler....ten years from now....would you rather say that your vote saved the lives of nearly half a million people, or would you prefer a few more years in Washington?

You sir...have a chance to do something great, one which you may be celebrated for.

Or you can continue the naive and delusional charade you are fronting for your constituents, and for yourself.

I'm but one the right thing. Please.


TomCat said...

I hope there is a progressine opponant to challenge him in the primary. The progressive may not win, but at least the people will have a real choice.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

I think at this very moment John Adler is getting both arms twisted out of their sockets by Barack, Rahm, Biden, and a who's who of the Democratic Party.

The bottom line is this matter how he votes its going to be a tough road for his re-election. The Third is probably the reddest district in NJ. Its been Republican practically from the era of silent movies.

A YES vote would at least get him help in the fall; a visit from the President and some extra bucks for his campaign. At least he'd have a chance.

But a NO vote....he's dead meat. Runyan's celeb status alone will crush Adler. And, indeed a challenger for his seat from the Dems could get clandestine support from the White House and the Congressional leadership.

You'd hope that Adler would be smart enough to smell the coffee.

At least with a YES vote he can say that he's partially responsible for saving tens of thousands of lives. And how many of us could ever make that claim?

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