Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Sues E*Trade For "Milkaholic" Baby Commercial

The consensus is the same throughout media and the internet; you can't make this stuff up.....Lindsay Lohan is suing E*trade because, her attorneys allege, E*trade has encroached on her 'brand" my using the name "Lindsay" to describe a "milkaholic" toddler in a commercial, first shown during last month's Super Bowl.

Lindsay Lohan is asking for a whooping $100 million in damages and compensation.

Below.....the ad in question.

But Your Honor....I have a few questions.....how do we know the makers of this commercial weren't referring to Lindsay Wagner, formerly known as the BIONIC WOMAN?

How do we know they were even referring to a female....or that the spelling was "LindsAy" or "LindsEy"... as in Lindsey Buckingham of FLEETWOOD MAC?

How about the estate of the late Lindsay Anderson? Or former PAUL REVERE and the RAIDERS singer Mark Lindsay?

Did I mention actress Lindsay Price?

Senator Lindsey Graham.....himmmmm ANOTHER guy?

Or America's skiing sweetheart, Lindsey Vonn.

Come to think of it....maybe all of these Lindsays....or Lindseys....have a case after all. How about all of America's Lindseys/Lindsays uniting for a massive class action suit?

To be publicly labeled as a "milkaholic"....I'm shocked. SHOCKED!

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