Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life In The Totalitarian State; Day One

Some conservative pundits have stated that the enactment of the HealthCare Reform Bill would lead to socialism and totalitarianism in the United States. This is my on going diary charting life under the boot of American totalitarianism.

At about 11:15am EDT President Barack Obama signed the healthcare bill into the law of the land.

It is now 6:21 PM.

Nothing has happened....except its raining again.


Sue said...

Bwahaaaaaahaaaahaaa!! I wonder when it WILL happen???

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

I don't know Sue.

But when it does, I'm going to Canada.

How's the healthcare up there?

Rossclark said...

I'm from UK where I need a blood test every few weeks at no cost to me; takes about 10 minutes. In Canada this SUmmer I tried to get one done but could not except at a cost of more than $CAN 700!

Go for universal healthcare USA and sell your guns to pay for it.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Hey Rossclark! Universal healthcare would be the way to go, but it it ain't happening with a Republican House of Representatives who's vowed to get the health care reform act repealed- no chance of that actually happen because the Democratic Senate won't even bring it up, and the President would veto the repeal even if it miraculously made its way to his desk.

It's amazing that the UK got universal healthcare in the years immediately after WWII, when the nation was bombed out, in financial crisis, and still hurting from the war. We should have done it at that point as well, and maybe we could have avoided the financial struggles American companies had in handling healthcare mandates to it's retirees in recent years.

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