Saturday, March 27, 2010

Life In The Totalitarian State; Day Five; Town For Sale In Washington State

Some conservative pundits have stated that the enactment of the HealthCare Reform Bill would lead to socialism and totalitarianism in the United States. This is my on going diary charting life under the boot of American totalitarianism.

Its down to this folks....things are getting so bad in the Brave New World that a family in Washington State has put an ENTIRE TOWN UP FOR SALE!!!

For a cool half million $$$ Wauconda, Washington can be yours.

Check out this video.

Hey....a spaghetti saloon! Who knew there were paisans in the Great Northwest? I wonder if they have linguine with white clam sauce, calamari with marinara, or even cannolis for dessert?

In other sign of the storm troopers who were supposed to knock down our doors after the healthcare bill passed....and my wingnut neighbor had SEAN HANNITY on his radio outside yesterday, keeping us all "informed" whether we wanted to be or not.

In fact...nothing unusual has happened at all...except that Butler(!) and West Virginia (after 51 years) are in the 2010 Final Four.

Be careful out there!!!


JUDI M. said...

Good post! Love the Ray Charles, too. (I guess that's Ok during the education process.) ;-)

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Judi- actually the Ray Charles version of TOGETHER AGAIN is there for the McCain-Palin post.

It just seemed appropriate, LOL!!!

It was between Ray Charles' and Buck Owens' version....Buck's was a little TOOOOOO twangy. Considered Dwight Yoakum's version as well.

But I couldn't find the best version of this song at Emmylou Harris's. My favorite female singer of alltime.

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