Saturday, March 13, 2010

Has Blogging Peaked? Facebook Posts, Twitter Tweets Growing, and Easier to Do - ABC News

The question comes from ABC blogging "so last year"?

The answer, in this neighborhood anyway, is a resounding "Nooooo!!!!".

If you can get a coherent, in depth thought out in 140 characters or less, you're a better communicator than I'll ever be, so "tweet" away.

As for FACEBOOK, does anyone really care about what YOU are doing 24/7? Frankly, I don't....with VERY rare exceptions. And these "friends" on FACEBOOK; if they're such good friends, somebody please loan me $500 until Easter. OK?

Nope.....I'd rather have followers than...."friends". It seems so much more honest.

Anyway, click below to read the whole article featuring ABC NEWS' crack panel of experts.

Has Blogging Peaked? Facebook Posts, Twitter Tweets Growing, and Easier to Do - ABC News


TomCat said...

I think both have their uses. I get good traffic on my blog, and I enjoy facebook as well.

Facebook Management said...

Honestly i think social networking has become easier but it is also still time consuming especially if you have a business that relies on marketing.

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