Sunday, March 21, 2010

First Full Day of Spring and Maybe A New Day For America

Time to wish all a happy first FULL day of spring, and hope that all can enjoy some of the wonderful weather today. Its quite a contrast from the damaging nor'easter of a week ago in this neck of the woods.

But of even more significance is today's long awaited vote on healthcare reform in America. Today CBS Sunday Morning did the best job I have seen yet in presenting what's at stake....and I'd think the Democratic leadership could have used its media connections to produce something of similar quality to use to explain reform to the American people.

The bottomline is this- if the vote wins, it may be a new day for healthcare in America, and a boost to the economy, and a monumental achievement for the Obama presidency....he will have accomplished something tried or floated by former Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton.

But if it fails....this beautiful spring day may be remembered in the same ignominy as the day of the Dred Scott decision- and the Obama presidency will be crippled, if not marginalized altogether.

This is not a perfect bill by any stretch....but it is a start. And it is something America needs for its future as well as its present.

And as I type this...I'm too nervous to even watch the vote.

To all members of the House; do the right thing.


Sue said...

It's been a glorious week in NJ!

Don't be at all nervous about this vote. If Nancy did not have the numbers then there would be no vote. According to Luke Russert there will most likely be 220 because of Bart Stupid and his demands for an executive order to be signed by our most accommodating president! YAY!!!

Some are saying it could be midnight, ya better take a nap!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue...not a perfect bill, but it is a start.

It was an eye opener with that story about Richard Nixon wanting to reform healthcare in 1973 (Ben Stein confirms this), but it was during Watergate and the Dems wanted Nixon out more than they wanted to work with him on it died.

His proposal was very similar to the one that will be passed- and being called "socialist" by today's Republicans. It goes to show how far to the right the GOP has become- even Richard Nixon wouldn't be able to recognize his own party.

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