Tuesday, February 9, 2010

YIKES!!!! More Snow in the Northeast!

That's me on the right...I know, the glasses are a giveaway.

On Saturday we got eight inches of snow in the area...and Round Two comes overnight and into Wednesday with an estimated 8-14 inches of snow predicted for most of New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia.

But I can't really complain, especially when you consider that Washington DC and vicinity got as much as 30 inches in the weekend storm, now with more on the way. And our South Jersey pal (and frequent commentator) Sue got two feet of the stuff in her area. Many municipalities in New Jersey have already used up their snow removal budgets for the year (before Valentine's Day), and the southern New Jersey counties have already been declared a disaster area by new Governor Chris Christie (he wanted this job...good luck).

New York City is taking this very seriously...they called school off for Wednesday a few hours ago, before the first flakes have even fallen.

Some media types are calling this latest round "Snowmaggedon"....one storm is churning up the coast from the Carolinas, while a second front moved East from Chicago and the Great Lakes Region....wasn't there a disaster movie with Dennis Quaid with the same scenario a few years ago?

If you needed some more warm clothing for the duration of the winter....FAGGEDDABOUTIT!!!! "Tar-jay", for example, has closed out their winter wear; yesterday the loyal associates were putting out tropical shirts, shorts, and swimwear for Spring and Summer- am I missing something, or have pitchers and catchers reported for Spring Training? Can somebody tell those buyers about the purpose of Groundhog Day!

Got the mandatory stuff to see us through this mess....the usual staples, plus the 4 liters of COKE from A&P for 5 bucks (with an A&P Card, of course), Little Debbie Brownies, TOSTITOS (with a touch of lime) and Southwestern Ranch dip- and beer, of course...I love you, Yuengling Brewery , even though I always have trouble spelling your name.

We can handle anything now....and if we can't we'll just have a party at the Emergency Shelter of our choice....and they damn well better have cable!


Sue said...

Are they really calling this a bigger storm then the last one?? I haven't heard that, yikes! I have bread, milk and eggs but NO SWEETS! I think there may be 3 chocolate chip cookies left. I have a cookie mix but it takes alot of butter and I don't have much of that either, especially since we'll be eating alot of eggs and toast. OH well, we'll get all shoveled out by Thursday, in time for the next storm...

It is fun though isn't it!! :-)
Stay warm and don't drink too much, you have shoveling to do...

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

It probably won't be bigger for you folks in South Jersey, but its easily bigger than what we got here of Saturday- we were right on the upper fringe on that last one. They're expecting biggest accumulations in Sussex County....I'm sure the guys who run the Mountain Creek Ski resort up there are doing cartwheels right now.

What a coincidence! A LITTLE DEBBIE commercial on The Weather Channel as I'm typing this. They know what we need to get through a snowstorm!

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