Friday, February 12, 2010

University of Andy- A GUY'S GUIDE to VALENTINE'S DAY

I'm like a lot of guys when it comes to Valentine's Day- a total klutz who never seems to get it right. I was going to do a neat, formal blog entry about Valentine's Day....but it would be bogus.

I don't know what I'm talking about. Take a look at that poem above. I can't even get that right.

But I found somebody who "gets it"....his name is Andy Botwin, also known as "Uncle Andy", "Bill Sussman", and "Justin Kirk".

A true Master of His Domain.

Andy has established a seat of "higher" learning.....The University of Andy.

Below, he'll tell you everything you'll really need to know to have the Valentine's Day of a lifetime with that special someone.....or ask for your tuition back.


Linda said...

You rock! What other guy would take on the topic of Valentine's Day. I loved the video.

For me, Valentine's Day -- even when I was going out with someone -- was always a disaster. There was a big fight over a cheap gift, or big fight over no gift, or a big fight over an unromantic gift, like an ice cream maker.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Linda...I originally was going to have some video from a guy who knew something about marriage- Henry VIII. Then I reconsidered- he had some "issues" that might have been disturbing to some people.

Then I was going to embed Tom Petty's LAST DANCE WITH MARY JANE....but then I thought it was too creepy.

Bogey and Bergman and "Play it again Sam" from CASABLANCA? I did that last year...and there were copyright problems from those wonderful people at Warner Brothers....

So that left old Uncle Andy and his wisdom....I thank Andy and the folks at SHOWTIME for this little treasure.

And Linda- if you really don't want that ice cream maker, well..........lemmee know!!!

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