Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowstorm Blasts Mid Atlantic

No big news to anyone living from the New York Metro area to points west and south to Virginia, but its really snowing HARD in some areas as a type this. 

DC is expecting 2.5 feet, the Jersey Shore close to 2 feet....and unofficially I measured the snow in the backyard here in Central NJ (about 7 miles from Staten Island, NY, 50 from Bucks County, PA)....we're at about seven inches and counting, with snow falling at a rate of two inches an hour, but it seems to be lessening slightly. Zero visibility, heavy snow, and 35mph winds all along the Jersey Shore- its officially a blizzard

Oddly, there's only been a trace in New York City, and are expecting only two inches or less.

The storm should be out of here by evening.

Time to THINK about digging out, Phase One. And start the Super Bowl party a day earlier.


Sue said...

WOW! It started here(I'm at exit 0ne on the Turnpike)and it's still snowing hard. I think we have 20 or more inches! I'm ready for it to stop!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- it stopped here about noon. I think there's about one more inch of snow since my last post, about 8 overall.

A local newscast from New York showed a reporter standing near the Verrazano Bridge on Staten Island a couple of hours ago. There was about two inches of snow there, and they were expecting little more. Across the way in Brooklyn the line of the storm ended....a mile or so into Brooklyn there was only a minor dusting.

Good luck down guys in South Jersey are getting slammed this winter.

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