Friday, February 26, 2010

Round Four- Day Two of Snowstorm, And It Ain't Goin' Away Soon

The snowstorm that was predicted for the Northeast began yesterday morning in the wee hours of the morning, with temperatures just slightly above the freezing mark. It remained above freezing for most of the day, so there was a heavy, wet, slushy snow that felt like cement when you tried to remove it. The roadways remained clear but slick, with little visible accumulation.

That all changed at sunset dropped below 32 degrees and has been there since, and then winds kicked in with 50 MPH gusts. The roads were covered, snow started to drift, and so far there has been more than 8 inches of new snow with an additional 6-10 inches predicted before the storm exits this evening.

The system is like a pinwheel in the Atlantic, centered off of the coast near Long Island, with an eye similar to what you'll see in a tropical system. So far for the winter we are in excess of 40 inches, probably closer to 50 at this point. Around 18 inches of snow is typical for a winter in the New York-New Jersey- Connecticut TriState area.

One thing is for sure....the record snowfall for any month in the history of New Brunswick has been 29 inches; 27 inches had fallen as of the start of the storm, so unofficially we are at 35 inches and counting, making February 2010 "The Snowiest Month In The Recorded History Of Central New Jersey".

I should have visited my brother and his family in balmy Cleveland for some better weather!

I'll be back............


Sue said...

this has been one crazy storm for us in South Joisey. We have high winds and its snowy like crazy but it's not accumulating. I guess that's a good thing huh? Soon we'll be seeing the daffodils popping thru the snow, hopefully soon...
Stay warm!!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- how crazy has this storm been? New York, Philly and all places in between and outlying have been buried in snow, while Portland, Maine is getting soaked by heavy rains. Go figure.

I just got done digging out...and now its snowing again, even harder than before.

A local meteorologist explained this storm- it was actually two systems that merged off the coast to become a giant Nor'easter; the first was sloppy wet snow system coming up from the South, the second a colder system with high winds and powder coming from the West. Its been two days now, and as the song sez..."The Thrill Has Gone"....

The next weather story you'll be seeing from this neck of the woods...flooding. With all the snow and melt off most rivers are about to or are overflowing their banks, and there's no place for any runoff to go.

Sue said...

weird storm, we didn't get anything til last night around 8pm, I guess it snowed all night and all day til 3pm but I don't think we got more than 2 inches! They say another storm is coming in the middle of next week. I haven't had spring fever yet and thats strange for me, yesterday I put away all the snowmen but the porch garland and lights are still up. Its too cold to take them down! LOL

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