Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Round Four- Another Snowstorm Heads to The Northeast

Now that the snow had receded enough from the two previous storms, I finally got a chance to check out the downed trees and branches that were on the property...and spent the best part of the day doing some cutting with my handy pole saw, taking care of any big branches that could take out the powerlines in what appears to be the 4th major snowfall of the season and the third in the month of February.

Its supposed to be a 36 hour event, starting in the AM on Thursday.

Predicted snow totals for this area could be a foot or more.....somehow I think the earth very quietly shifted on its axis and I'm now living where Buffalo used to be.

This the A&P with all the other nervous town folk....I have more milk in the house than the average day care center.

Nothing more to say other than I'm beat....will go to bed early....and go on snow removal detail for the foreseeable future.

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