Saturday, February 6, 2010

Random Thoughts On "The Big Game"- Who Dem?

Well its that time....the National Football League will crown a new champion tomorrow night. And I suppose its my solemn duty as a semi-professional internet blogger type person to make some comments and give my pick for the game. OK didn't ask for it but here I come!

(1). I'm pretty damn sick about having to refer to this event as "The Big Game" since I'm not a licensee of the NFL, and for all I know I'll call it by the "SB" name and a small squadron of lawyers will be shaking me down for money I don't have. And the only reason they would do that is because the rack and debtor's prisons were phased out a couple of centuries ago.

(2) Above, we have Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts. If you've been living under a rock or something you might not have heard that he is the son of Archie Manning, who quarterbacked the New Orleans Saints when they weren't very good. Archie and wife Olivia are the head of the First Family of Football...they also have another son named might have heard of him as well. But then again, you could be one of the those people who didn't know that because you watch only one game per year, and this is it. This Game (it must be capitalized to show the proper reverence) has  become an official- unofficial American holiday, and if you don't watch the Tea Baggers who live next door to you will question your Americanism and will ask for your birth certificate.

And then you'll really be sorry .

(3) Above and below.....gratuitous photos of the lovely cheerleaders of the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts. No other reason for posting them other than they sure are purdy....and I can see their belly buttons on this frigid day in the Northeast.

(4) On the that's a FAN. But how in God's name can he see the game?

(5). And another thing....what's this stuff about the NFL saying they own the copyright to the expression "Who Dat?", used by the New Orleans Saints fans? That makes about as much sense as a certain news organization saying they trademarked the expression "fair and balanced". Anyway, check this story about the NFL's clain of copyright infringement when the phrase is used in conjunction with the New Orleans Saints.

(6).The NFL is talking about playing a "Big Game" in the new Giants-Jets Stadium in East Rutherford New Jersey in the future. Ahhhhh....Commissioner Goodell?- parts of New Jersey got as much as 20 inches of snow today, on the eve of the "SB" can you expect geriatric classic rock bands to perform at halftime in those conditions? Oh yeah...there is a football game to be played as well.

(7). And speaking of halftime entertainment.....I loved The Who. They were my favorite performing rock band of alltime. But The Who will not be performing at "The Big Game"- Pete Townshend and Roger Daltry, and a bunch of hired hands will. Pete thought about folding the group after the death of Keith Moon. But Pete, Roger, and John Entwistle moved on, first with Kenny Jones, and with others, until John's death in 2002. Pete and Roger are the voice, the writer, the brain, and the guitar of The Who. But half of the group has left us....I wonder of Paul and Ringo could be performing as "The Beatles" next.

(8). How can we talk about the "Big Game" without mentioning the rise of OCNN, the Ochocinco News Network, which has made its presence felt in the covering of the "SB"? Founded by Chad Ochocinco OCNN also employs NFL players Chris Cooley, Darnell Dockett, and (former Rutgers great) Ray Rice as on site reporters....along with superfans Jake and Amir. Below, watch 'em do their stuff!

(9) Do you remember Mike Brown, the FEMA director at the time when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and vicinity? The "You're doin' a great job there, Brownie" guy? Wouldn't you think he would at least pick the Saints to win the game just so it might help ease the city's pain just a little?

Well....Mike Brown didn't pick the Saints. And somehow I'm not surprised. Below, more on that, and what the President is doing on Sunday, and some other pertinent nonsense regarding El Juego Grande!!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

(10). In closing......take the COLTS to win the game 31-24. Indy will be hurting on defense because Dwight Freeney will be hobbling. But the Colts will just plug another guy in, which is their wont, and will get it done. Drew Brees and company have had a fine year and are the sentimental favorites to win. But yesterday I was listening to something former NFL executive Carl Peterson said during a radio interview. He was the GM of the Philadelphia Eagles when they went to the SB to play the Oakland Raiders. It was the first appearance for the Eagles, the third for the Raiders. The Eagles were a solid favorite in the game....and were beaten badly. Peterson said yesterday that the Eagles were in such a state of awe in being in a game of such magnitude, they froze up. Peterson indicated that would be the case for the Saints tomorrow.....and I think he's right.

Enjoy the game and your parties, everyone!

Correction Sunday Feb 7th, 11:00am. Guilty as charged! As originally posted I had the point about the NFL's charge of copyright infringement wrong. The correct phrase is "Who Dat?", not "Who Dey?". The second phrase is one used by Cincinnati Bengals fans. I wonder if there is a legal action pending for that one as well.

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