Thursday, February 11, 2010

Post Blizzard- Digging Out/ 900th Post Edition!!!

I'll start off by saying this....we people in Central New Jersey got off easy compared to people in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington. This morning I measured 8 inches of snow, added on to the four I removed early yesterday, giving us a grand total of one foot of snow for this storm...a lot of snow and can be considered a heavy snowfall by most experts, but it pales in comparison to whats been going on in the areas I mentioned before.

Add 7.5 inches from the Saturday storm, and we got just about 20 inches from the two storms in a matter of five days. There was some nervous times last night, below you can see the tree that broke in half in the back yard. The good news for us in this semi-rural area was the trees shielded us from some of the drifting from the high winds, the bad news is there were downed trees and tree limbs. Luckily, no power outages.

I have to admit it...after the storm was over, it was nice just to walk around and see just how beautiful it was, just very white and bright, and feeling warmer than 30 degrees with all of the reflecting sunlight....but man, it was a heavy, wet snow- much more so than the light, fluffy powder that fell on Saturday.

After today I've re-evaluated what were the most three important inventions and innovations in the history of mankind- (1)Fire (2) the wheel (3)the snowblower.

I'm taking my snowblower out this Sunday for Valentines Day.....she deserves it.

BTW...this is the 900th blog post for UT &MR!!!

And they said we wouldn't last!!!!

ABOVE.....That's a mature birch tree bent down to ground level by the weight of the snow.

This is the pine tree that snapped in half yesterday....had it fallen right instead of left it would have taken out our neighbor's fence.

Updates- 6PM Thursday Feb 11

More pics from a walk around the neighborhood several hours ago.

Also....more about the falling branches and trees in the area. A local man was struck and killed by branch from a snow covered tree during the blizzard yesterday while he was clearing his driveway.

Here's the story from The Home News Tribune and


Sue said...

It is pretty isn't it! Our street is already melted clean from the salt and the sun. I haven't been out in it yet, but I will today. Enjoy!

Sue said...

I forgot to say, congrats on your 900!!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Thanks for the congrats Sue....I added a few more pictures from this afternoon to the post.

It was beautiful out there today, just looking at things with a different set of eyes. Rough walking, still icy footing and I only was able to do about a half mile on foot.

And sadly, I didn't hear the news about that poor guy getting killed by that falling branch until the 5 PM news...that was only about three miles from here.

Sue said...

I heard about the guy who was killed too, thats terrible!

Your streets are snow covered, ours are completely clean, well most of them. Your area actually looks like you have more snow then we have. Hmmm

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