Thursday, February 4, 2010

Notes On Building Readership In The Blogesphere- Even Though Everything I Know Is Wrong

I'm happy to report that January has been the most successful month ever for this blog in terms of viewership. We actually averaged nearly 200 new readers per day for the month. I think its great that so many people have logged on here to read the articles, now approaching #900 since we first started publishing this blog in September 2008. Its been a steady but slow climb all these many months- and I've never had to resort to strong arm tactics to get you to read my stuff.

The picture above was a from a classic case of media manipulation from the early 1970's....January, 1973 be be more exact.

Back in those wild and woolly days the Vietnam War was winding down and Watergate was about to heat up, and a little old publication called National Lampoon was getting off the ground. It was becoming a favorite among the youth of America, but in the January '73 edition they pulled the ultimate act of audience coercion....either you fork over your 75 cents or they'd shoot the dog pictured above.

To be more exact, they never did say shoot....they said "kill".

Surprisingly, the editors made more than a few people squirm enough that they did buy a copy. But it wasn't the following edition of the "Poon" the editors announced they did shoot the dog, and tried to blame it on the people who just said "no" to their plea in the previous volume.

Now, did they really shoot a dog?

Probably not....but then again, nobody heard of PETA in those days. And we were only a few years removed from the Johnson presidency- old LBJ was a guy who used to pick up his beagles ( "Him" and "Her") by their ears.

Now, why am I telling you this ancient history?

Because I really don't feel like writing about politics today....and if I have to hear about the "Tea Bag Convention" or "Scott Brown" one more time I'll probably ask the guy in that picture if he still has the gun and will he use it on me next.


Just kidding!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and reading this bit of lunacy.....BUT....

Try the DROP DOWN menu in the left hand column to find something of more substance....and I don't mean the kind of "substance" I was using everyday back when I was reading the National Lampoon.

That stuff they told you about "it" affecting your memory?

As we say in Jersey, "Itsa bunchacrap!!!".


Sue said...

hey Hugh are ya ready for the blizzard?? Got your milk and bread from the Acme? Why do I say THE Acme? I don't say THE Walmart, OR THE McDonalds. I ask myself that all the time. It just sounds right to put THE in front of Acme.

Stay warm and safe, don't shovel, let the neighborhood kids do it!

Congrats on your blog readership, you do a great job!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- Got ready for the blizzard this afternoon....the A&P was packed! Between the storm and people shopping for the "Big Game", it was a total mad house.

I was so fried after I got out I went to the blog and wanted to write something....and I just did this "stream of consciousness" ramble because nothing else would come out! LOL!!!!

Thanks for your comments, as always, as well as your support....

Happy digging out!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hugh Jee,

Congrats on your blog's growth. An average 200 more viewers a day is awesome. We're liking your style.

And we bought our milk yesterday at Pathmark, and beat the rush.


Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Hey Ms. Moss... Its looking like you'll be getting through this storm better than some in South Jersey, you being way up North.

Its crazy....North Jersey people move to the Shore because there is usually less snow in the winter, but this year everything is reversed- they're getting slammed in Ocean County and points south every week, so it seems.

And thanks for the kind words...hope your Mom had a great B-day!

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