Monday, February 22, 2010

More Aftermath Of Joseph Stack's IRS Attack

More stories continue to emerge in the aftermath of Joseph Stack's attack on a building that housed an Internal Revenue Service office in Austin, Texas.

Stack flew a small plane into the IRS offices killing IRS agent Vernon Hunter, 67, a Vietnam War veteran and severly injuring two others. This morning Stack's daughter Samantha Bell called her father a "hero". She stopped short of condoning the attack calling it "inappropriate" and "wrong". Bell is Stack's daughter by his first marriage. Before flying his plane into the Austin building he set his home on fire, endangering his current wife and child. Bell was interviewed via telephone on Monday on GOOD MORNING AMERICA.

Below, some of her quotes that appear on She said Stack is a hero....

"because now maybe people will listen."

"I have many cases of people I know that are suffering in the hands of the government and people literally dying because they are not getting the help they need,"

Below, a YouTube copy of the interview.

Some on the extreme right have begun calling Joseph Stack a hero and a champion against high taxes and big government.

His daughter, Ms. Bell, moved to Norway after losing her job in the United States while she was pregnant. In Norway she pays higher taxes but is eligible for government run medical care. Vernon Hunter's son makes that point very clear when he was asked about the Bell's comments.

Below, more from Vernon Hunter's son, Ken.

Also of note....this week the staff of NEWSWEEK debated among themselves- "Should Joseph Stack be regarded as a terrorist?

It is an interesting debate- lone wolf, separatist, right wing radical-left wing radical, lunatic, crazy, domestic terrorist, or just plain terrorist?

In my opinion, I agree with Patrick Enright NEWSWEEK'S Senior Articles Editor- if your intent is to indiscriminately kill innocent as well as the perceived guilty, then you are a terrorist.

And one more thing....all of the noise we've heard from the usual gasbags on the Far Right about the "underpants" bomber" from last Christmas, who's failed attempt gave so much grief to the Obama Administration from its critics....where are those same voices now? Are they afraid of alienating some of their base by calling this act by what it was, simply murder?


Sue said...

I saw Ken Hunter speak this morning. I felt so bad for him, he was trying to stay composed. But for Stacks daughter to say her dad was a hero is insane! Anybody who takes lives along with their own stupid suicide is a murderer, no question!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- 24 hours later and Samantha Bell has supposedly retracted her statement about Daddy Dearest being a hero.

But Vernon Hunter surely was one.

My heart goes out to that family.

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