Thursday, February 18, 2010

How does Senator Mellencamp Sound? - CBS News

When I first heard the news of a "Draft Mellencamp" movement regarding the soon to be open United States Senate seat held by Democrat Evan Bayh, I thought it was a mere trial balloon being floated by some who find the idea appealing. But then I thought about it for awhile...can there be a candidate anywhere in America who cares more about the working poor, displaced, and dispossessed? A guy who would and could run on his own agenda and gain grass roots support from Independents in a nominally conservative state in the American Heartland? A maverick who is more "mavericky" than certain self proclaimed mavericks?

And to those who are going to yell "just shut up and sing"....the usual right wing gasbags....its too late for that- the genie as long escaped the bottle. Performers and media types have been running and winning (or being appointed to) political office for decades now- think Shirley Temple, George Murphy, Clint Eastwood, Fred Thompson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and yes, Sarah Palin are among that list.

But how can I forget a man named Reagan? And those are just the Republicans who were once made a living on film and/or television screens.

So why not John Mellencamp for US Senate?

Heck, had he known about this twenty-five years ago he might have kept the aborted stage name of John was easier to remember, and would have made for better bumper stickers.

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