Monday, February 1, 2010

Back From A Weekend Off- Courtesy of My Cable Modem

So, ladies and gents.....before we were so rudely interrupted............

Saturday I was about to log on and say something earthshaking.....and I was unable to do so. I kept getting an "error" page from COMCAST. My connections were OK. Obviously I had power. The cable bill was paid. No viruses had knocked out the old Black Box. The computer passed every last diagnostic test known to mankind.

I would get online everytime, but always to an "error" page. Changing browsers didn't help either. So on Saturday I decided to give it a rest and try again Sunday.

And on Sunday I said "I'll do it on Monday" because I didn't want to call the weekend shift at COMCAST with my problems.

So this morning I tried one last time.....multiple times.....until I tried the using the COMCAST DESKTOP DOCTOR 's FAQ to see if they had any answers.

"Push the RESET BUTTON on the back of the modem", they said.

Duh!!!! Just like magic. So simple a cavem....., oh never mind!

Be back later. I have 83 emails to discard.


Sue said...

don't ya hate when that happens!! It used to happen to me all the time til we figured out my phone wire from jack to modem was too long. I would be ballistic without my computer connection to the world! lol

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- maybe I'm mellowing with age, but I didn't go ballistic. In fact, I used Saturday to interact with people the old fashioned way- face to face, with food, drinks, and coffee.

And Sunday, I got caught up in the sleep department.

One thing about not having an internet connection, even for a short period of realize how much you use the internet for information you used to have to visit a library for. I tend to sometimes unfairly rip people for being too "plugged in 24/7"- but you do take for granted how amazing it is to have so much knowledge at our fingertips for the asking.

I guess in a way this incident makes me more grateful to have such technology....sometimes you have to take a step back and look at it differently.

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