Friday, January 8, 2010

Tide Rolls, Leavitt Goes, And Will Carroll Be Heading to Seattle? College Football Wraps Up for 2009-10

BCS TITLE GAME- Some Thoughts

Congratulations are in order for the Alabama Crimson Tide for winning the BCS Championship Game by beating the Texas Longhorns 37-21. The game looked to be a potential blowout for the Tide when Texas QB Colt McCoy went down with a shoulder injury on Texas' second possession, with Texas holding an early 6-0 lead.

Texas had to go to unproven true freshman Garrett Gilbert who saw very limited action during the season. When he entered the game and I saw his stats, my reaction was similar to seeing a late season call up from Triple A being asked to pitch the seventh game of the World Series- a kid with no experience being asked to manage a game against the top ranked team in America for a national championship with tens of millions watching on TV.

Mission (Nearly) Impossible.

The US beating Russia in the 1980 Olympics was a lock compared top this. McCoy couldn't go- he had a pinched nerve in his shoulder, and couldn't even feel his right arm. Young Gilbert had a rough first half, and by halftime Alabama had a 24-6 lead, scoring just before the half on a pick six by Marcell Dareus.

Altogether Gilbert turned the ball over five times, four interceptions and a fumble that set up a dagger for the Tide late in the fourth quarter. However, Gilbert did settle down in the second half and he threw two touchdown passes to Jordan Shipley- plus a two point conversion- that made the score 24-21 with 6;15 left in the game.

To be candid, I had no dog in the fight, but found myself rooting for Texas and Gilbert- losing All-American quarterback McCoy was a blow that turned this game into a Rocky Balboa versus Apollo Creed game for the Longhorns.

Heisman winner Mark Ingram rushed for 16 yards and two TD's, and Trent Richardson contributed 109 yards and two touchdowns for the Tide.

The win made Alabama head coach Nick Saban only the third coach ever to win a national championship with two different teams, and was the third national title for Alabama, tying Notre Dame for that honor.

And I'll admit- I have no special love for Nick Saban. The way he left the Miami Dolphins three years ago was far from being his finest hour. In fact, in a recent NFL FILMS TOP TEN feature titled "Top Ten NFL Coaches Who Should Have Stayed In College", Saban was listed as #7 (also listed, among others, were Pete Carroll, Lou Holtz, Steve Spurrier, and the consensus #1, Bobby Petrino). Under no circumstances should Saban and former Dolphin Jim Mandich be allowed in the same room; Mandich has said, on record, that he would mix it up with Saban if given the opportunity. To this day, Saban remains generally despised by many Miami Dolphin fans. After the title game's conclusion, Saban was interviewed by ABC's sideline reporter, and claimed to be happy for his players. He never smiled, he remained tightly wound and in control, and "The Nicktator" seemed to be experiencing all of the joy a person feels when being told he needs bypass surgery.

I find the man joyless- compared to Saban, Bill Belichick comes off like the second coming of Robin Williams. Personally, I found  Saban's icy response to winning difficult to watch.

Where have you gone, Bobby Bowden?

Jim Leavitt Fired At USF

Jim Leavitt, the man who built the University of South Florida football program from scratch starting in 1995 from a row of trailers, was fired for allegedly grabbing a player by the throat and slapping him during a game. This follows an investigation by the University into the allegations. Leavitt's firing is the latest involving several successful coaches; the recent dismissals of Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach and Kansas coach Mark Mangino were prompted for allegedly abusing players.

Leavitt was the only coach the South Florida Bulls have ever had, and leaves with a record of 95-57, and was in the second year of a seven year $12.6 million contract.

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USC"s Pete Carroll Back To the NFL?

He helped to restore the dynasty at USC after his unsuccessful turns as the head coach of the New York Jets and New England Patriots. But ESPN's Chris Mortensen is saying that the NFL's Seattle Seahawks are wooing Pete Carroll to replace Jim Mora, who was fired today .

Mortensen claims several sources, both at USC and in the NFL, to confirm the story.

So far, Carroll will not confirm his interest in the job.

Is there fire to go with this smoke?

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