Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On This Very Political Tuesday- I'm Steppin' Outta Here!

Some readers log on the blog to check out my opinions regarding the political situation statewide here in New Jersey, or regarding national or world affairs.

Today in New Jersey we swore in a new governor, Republican Chris Christie. In Massachusetts the readers of the tea leaves tell us that the good citizens of the Commonwealth will probably be electing Republican Scott Brown, a one time male model, to fill the Senate seat once held by Ted Kennedy.

Being a longtime Democrat, I can do one of three things right now.

(1) Whine, carry on, attack and cry FOUL, or call for a recount in Massachusetts and impeachment in New Jersey.

(2) Or I can fall into total despair and blow my brains out. Problem is, I don't own a gun.

(3) Or can say F%CK IT....turn off the TV, go to the Cineplex and be among the last people on earth to see AVATAR, come home and get hammered on some Yeugling Lager, and write a thoughtful and rational analysis (while nursing a hangover) of what's going on politically sometime tomorrow.

That's right, Drew. I want #3!

Talk you later!

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