Saturday, January 16, 2010

NFL Picks For Divisional Weekend

I'm kind of pressed for time and will be gone for most of the afternoon, but before I exit here's my picks for this weekend's NFL Divisional games.

Ravens at Ray Rice and the Baltimore ground attack, but it looks like Joe Flacco might be a little more beat up than generally known. The Ravens need a passing attack to score more points than Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne and the Colts will put up. Colts win 31-14.

Jets at Chargers.....keep riding the crest of the wave into SoCal. On paper it looks like a mismatch, Rivers has had a fantastic year for the Chargers while Sanchez is still taking baby steps in his pro career. But there's just something about the way the Jet's defense has been playing that indicates they just might be able to force some turnovers and win a squeaker. I'll go against the conventional wisdom and take the Jets in a nail biter, 24-21.

Cowboys at Vikings....if you've ever read my pro picks before you'll know what's coming next; ABC- "Anybody But (the) Cowboys". It doesn't matter that Favre and Childress will have a steel cage death match after the season is over, or that Adrian Peterson will fumble at least once. Romo must fall, once again, to the guys with the horned helmets. 21-10 Vikings.

Cardinals at Saints.....Cardinals will win on the road for no other reason but Kurt Warner is playing at an amazingly high level. I agree with most of the smart guys on this; Brees and Warner will give us an old fashioned AFL shootout. Cards win, 42-31.

Then again....I could be (and probably am)....very wrong.


TomCat said...

Chargers (CLOSE)
Too Close to call

Malcolm said...

The way the Cards/Saints game started, I too thought it was going to be a high scoring game. Well it was... for the Saints.

Right now I am watching the Ravens continually shoot themselves in the foot. Although there is still a quarter to go, I think this one is over.

I think the Cowboys/Vikes might be the best game of the weekend. Good call on Adrian probably fumbling at least once. I'm hoping that the Cowboys come to the dome and beat Favre and company.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

I'm shocked that the Cards-Saints wasn't closer. Ravens offense was exposed, and they didn't help themselves with the mistakes....penalties, dropped passes, and turnovers.

Batting .500 on the picks so far....

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