Saturday, January 9, 2010

Man Who Shut Down Newark Airport Questioned And Released

The mystery man who breached security at Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey last weekend, causing the terminal to be shut down for more than six hours, has been located, questioned, charged with "defiant trespass" last night, and released in the wee hours of Saturday.

He is 28 year old Haisong Jiang, a graduate student at Rutgers University majoring in molecular bioscience. Jiang lives in Piscataway, Middlesex County. A native of China, Jiang breached security in order to join his girlfriend in an area of the terminal in which passengers had already been screened. Its been estimated that the cost to the airlines and to taxpayers may be a million dollars or more due to the shutdown of the terminal. Estimates of as many as 16,000 passengers were left on the ground, missing their flights, until the terminal was reopened more than six hours later.

The charge of defiant trespass is said to carry a fine of as much as $500.

More on this story from and The Star-Ledger.

Its just my opinion, but we Americans are a forgiving people.....but of questionable taste.

Would anybody bet against this guy having a reality show in about six months?

(The information used in this entry was taken from the print edition of the Star-Ledger and ABC's GOOD MORNING AMERICA WEEKEND.)

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Anonymous said...

Let me see if I have this right...a guy goes under a security rope in a high security area that is missing a guard, he kisses his gf and then her leaves, does not enter the secured area that passengers go to to board planes? He leaves the airport? Someone reported he ducked under the "rope" but somehow didn't tell TSA that he then left? Why would they close the airport if the guy left the airport? This I think is a great example of how absolutely worthless any non managed service is. Why arrest this guy when the action that caused the problem seems to be TSA not doing what they are chartered to do???

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