Thursday, January 7, 2010

HS Basketball Star 6'10" and Still Growing - CBS Evening News - CBS News

She's 6'10" tall and may be still growing, and she might be the tallest girl in the world. Marvadene "Bubbles" Anderson came to the United States from Jamaica this past summer. She enrolled at Rutgers Prep in New Jersey, and took up the game of basketball, which she had never played before. Several weeks ago at the Rutgers Athletics Center I was walking towards the concession area, when I walked past the tallest young woman I had ever seen in my life. I had been around many very tall former women basketball players at the RAC almost every week, such as Ann Donovan, and former Rutgers players Sue Wicks and Rebecca Richman.

But I had never seen any woman- ever- taller than young Ms. Anderson.

Striking and memorable are the words the come to mind first.

"Hugh Jee"

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