Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hey, What Are You Lookin' For? (Winter Edition.....Stay Warm, My Friends)

Its time once again to check out just what topics people are logging in to read about on this blog....and to heck with current events and politics. Its all about personalities for the month of December. And maybe its just as well. All of the rankings are in reverse order, and come from information courtesy of GOOGLE DIAGNOSTICS.

(10).Mike Kim/Cash for Clunkers. Don't ask me how this happened, because I'm not some tech wiz. Somehow a post I did back in July about Mike Kim's appearance on THE DAILY SHOW got read as something to do with "cash for clunkers". Mike Kim is a man who smuggles dissidents out of North Korea to safety in Japan and in the west. Blame it on the blasted "Google-bots".

(9) Slit Skirts. The ninth most queried topic on this blog for the last month was probably from pervy dudes looking for pics of women in "slit skirts". What they got was this video from Pete Townshend and the story about how I couldn't get the song out of my mind after hearing it played in an Hungarian Deli in New Brunswick....true story!

(8.) Home shopping queen blogspot. People drop into this blog, I suppose, to see if there is any news about "Queen Bea" and if there is any news about her blog. Sadly, there is no news to report. No activity, no posts...no news since last summer.

(7.) Colleen Lopez. I mentioned Colleen Lopez last February about her video where she started laughing uncontrollably and had to go to break, and posted the video here. To this day it remains one of the most queried posts on this blog. Some folks just can't get enough of the ladies of home shopping.

(6). and (5) both tie in to the #1 most queried topic of December 2009. Relax! It'll all work out.

(4). Bobby Bowden Trivia. Coach Bowden got several mentions towards the end of 2009. Topics included his forced resignation, the Gator Bowl victory....and the idolatry practiced by that duo from ALLSTATE, Bergwood and Hamm, for the former Florida State coach. But there really wasn't a heck of a lot of Bobby Bowden trivia.

(3) Kim Parrish. Kim remains one of the most queried persons on this blog, month in and month out. She's moved her KIM PARRISH COLLECTION to ShopNBC, and her line will be featured January 13, 20, and 21. Click here for times and more information.

(2) Davinia Palmer. Yes, another personality from the world of home shopping. Welsh born Davinia was the second most queried person on this blog in December. She made a splash at QVC in the United States several years ago, then left abruptly. After connecting some dots, and doing some searches, we've found Davinia based in Southern California and doing voiceover work. With her distinctive accent Davinia should do the voice for a "lady lizard" so the Geico Gecko won't have to spend Valentine's day alone.

But the most queried topic (1)....along with numbers 5 and 6...."Molly Evans Monk"(1), "Judge Rickover" (5), and "Monk Molly Evans"- all which referred to the entries written about the last episode of MONK, the comedy-mystery which ended its long run on USA network last month. Judge Rickover, the murderer of Trudy Monk, was played by Craig T. Nelson, and Trudy's daughter Molly Evans was portrayed by the lovely young Israeli born actress Alona Tal.

And these, ladies and gents, are the people who you wanted to read about on UT&MR in the month of December. There's a lot of homeshopping fans and a lot of "Monkish" folks spending time here.


Malcolm said...

A longtime girlfriend was a huge QVC fan. I didn't really mind because some of the female hosts were pretty hot. Kim Parrish was my favorite back then. Damn, she is still smoking!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

It is amazing for me to see how many people log on to this blog for any information about Kim or any of the current or former hosts from the shopping networks. Frankly, for people who are as visible as they are, who go into as many as 70,000,000 households per day, there is very little information available about them online except for FACEBOOK or YouTube pages, maybe a rare personal website, or sites like Linda Moss's HOMESHOPPINGISTA blog, or my old pal Queen Bea's late lamented weblog.

As long as people are interested in them, I'll keep posting news.

And yes, agreed...some of the most attractive women on TV can be found on those networks....maybe that's what actually prompted my MANLY VIEW OF HOMESHOPPING blog entry (wink)!

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