Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gibbs: Limbaugh's Haiti comments 'really stupid' | Politics News |

Way back in the day, when Al Franken was still doing his comedy schtik on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, before his stint on AIR AMERICA radio, he wrote a book called Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot. It was pretty funny stuff....cruel at times, but a guy as divisive as Rush deserved the shots he took.

More than a decade has passed....and Rush is bigger, fatter, and dumber than ever.

Exhibit 151,712A....Rush told his radio audience on Wednesday that he thought money donated through the White House website for Haiti's earthquake relief wouldn't go to its target. Furthermore, Rush told his "Dittoheads" that its not necessary to contribute to the Haitian relief effort, because the Haiti already gets money via American's income taxes.

Today Presidential spokesmen Robert Gibbs called out Limbaugh....


Along with "big fat idiot"....I'll add "pathetic excuse for a human being" to Mr. Limbaugh's job description.


Complaint Department Manager said...

It seems as though Pat Robertson has company in the world of "Those whp are sacks of shit" when it comes to comments made on the quake.

May those who share Rush and Pat's philosophy be blessed in smoking a turd in hell....hopefully soon.

Just a thought.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Its been about six days since Rush made these cruel, thoughtless, and totally moronic remarks.

I know Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan have called Limbaugh out on what he said. I keep asking on TWITTER at least once a day....has any elected Republican official of any stature said anything about what Limbaugh said?

Criticize the de facto head of the GOP? And feel his wrath?

That'll be the day.

I really don't see a whole lot of courage on that side of the aisle.

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