Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brit & Tiger & Rick & The Buddha & The Power of Forgiveness

In the wake of FOX News commentator Brit Hume's plea for Tiger Woods to convert to Christianity to obtain forgiveness for his marital infidelities- and abandon the Buddhism that Hume believes Woods practices- CNN's Rick Sanchez tries to find out more about Buddhism for his audience.

Sanchez has scholar and practicing Buddhist Ethan Nichthern on his telecast to learn more, and find out if Buddhism offers a way to forgiveness as offered in Christianity.

More from Rick Sanchez on his CNN blog .

Below, Hume's original comments on Tiger Woods.

So according to Brit Hume, by implication; should a person who has done something grievously wrong start shopping around for which religion has the best deal on forgiveness?

Maybe he should float that same idea on some of America's various Death Rows, where its really appropriate.

1 comment:

TomCat said...

On America's death rows, Brit would be unwilling to suggest forgiveness, due to his pseudo-Christian pro death views.

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