Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Quick Hits For December 9th; Meet Mr. Monk's Daughter (Well, Sort Of)

(1) There was a lot of activity on this blog last weekend concerning the MONK series finale, one of the busiest 24 hours this blog has ever seen....but there was one issue that was never resolved and had viewers scouring the internet still looking for answers....

People wanted to know who was the very beautiful actress who played Trudy Monk's daughter?.

Molly Evans was played by Alona Tal, an Israeli actress, who like the character she played on MONK is 26 years of age. She starred on several series in Israel, and began her career in the United States on Veronica Mars as "Meg Manning" from 2004-06. She had a recurring role on Supernatural (2006-09), and has guest starred in such series as CSI; Crime Scene Investigation, Cold Case, 7th Heaven, Ghost Whisperer, and The Mentalist.

Almost immediately after the episode aired, within minutes, queries began....who played Molly in MONK's finale?  I had no answer at the time, and as of now on the USA website the credits for the last show of not been posted in the episode guide. But she definitely made an impression on the huge audience for the final show. 

After five years of working in the States, Alona Tal is an overnight sensation!

(2) Same sex marriage is being debated in Trenton. The current governor, Jon Corzine, said he would sign the bill if it passes. Governor elect Chris Christie has said he would veto the bill if he were in office. My take- I agree with the immortal Kinky Friedman. When Kinky was running for governor of Texas a few years ago he was asked what he thought of same sex marriage he said....."I'm for same sex marriage. There's no reason gay people shouldn't be allowed to be as miserable as the rest of us are".

(3).The funniest guy on late night TV....or possibly on any TV show? Its Craig Ferguson, hands down (above with Jennifer Love Hewitt). Living proof that less is band, no sidekicks, just Craig and his stream of consciousness  form of humor. The guest has no idea where he going with the interview, so its just be prepared for anything and everything. He does a great Michael Caine impression as well.

(4). On November 29th I boldly made these bowl projections for the Big East....

Cincinnati beats Pitt, West Virginia beats Rutgers, and UCONN- USF a tossup. Cincinnati would go to the Sugar Bowl, West Virginia (tie breaker on Pitt) goes to the Gator, Pitt goes to the Meineke, Rutgers to St.Petersburg, South Florida to The International, UCONN to Papa John's. I also included three other scenarios to cover all of the bases. I'd rather be thorough than to be wrong. But I'm usually never so thorough, and often find myself oh-so-wrong.

(5). Does anybody out there actually write down how you managed to rig the outdoor Christmas lights so you can be more efficient each year, or are you like me- a mad scientist plugging in lights and watching them short out before your eyes? And because of this, have you invented any new curse words for this most sacred of seasons? Well...I have.

"#@%$#)&@'er's".....and its so damn cold out here!"

(6). I don't know what I found more amusing- Chad Ochocinco putting on a sombrero and poncho after catching a touchdown pass last Sunday (and getting a $30,000 fine from the league for doing it) or seeing ESPN's latest promo featuring Mike Ditka and Snoop Dogg (talk about an odd couple). Nice hat Mike!

(7). I woke up yesterday morning, looked at the calendar, and saw it was December 8th...."Ahhhhh! The "Feast of the Immaculate Reception," I said to myself. Which means either I'm not such a good Catholic (no big news there) or I watch way too much football. Or perhaps both.

(8) Sad news about the WNBA's Sacramento Monarchs being disbanded. Just a few years ago they won the league championship and for years were one of the WNBA's flagship franchises. In recent years the franchises in Charlotte and Houston were dissolved and Detroit is being relocated to Tulsa. A recent press release has said the league wants to have a franchise in the San Francisco Bay area in 2011- new ownership was sought for the Monarchs but not found, and the timetable for a move to the Bay Area just wasn't feasible. A dispersal draft is to be held for the the players on the Monarchs roster.

(9).As The World Turns , the CBS soap opera which made its debut on April 2, 1956, will end its run on September 17, 2010. The age of the daytime soap opera may be nearing an end, with a total of only six on three networks as of fall, 2010. Its yet another blow to the acting fraternity based in New York.

So what will be the replacement? Yet another talk show? A retread gameshow? Or a vapid unreality reality show? I'm not a fan of soaps but at least they are scripted and gave actors a chance to work on their craft. This is just another example of what happens when bean counters take over an industry....ANY industry.

(10). Finally, Rick Malwitz, columnist for The Home News Tribune wrote a great piece; For Some Five Consecutive Bowls Is Not Enough, concerning some of the griping Rutgers Nation is doing about its selection to play Central Florida in The St. Petersburg Bowl. Rick's take is it wasn't that long ago (2004) that Rutgers football fans would sell their first born to go to a bowl game...ANY bowl game, having not gone to one since 1978. And Rick is right- the mere fact that people are complaining about going to a minor bowl game is, in a way, a sign of progress.

I'll be sticking to this self imposed Holiday Schedule until the beginning of the New Year or unless World War III breaks out in the next three weeks, which ever comes first. It works for me....and I have mucho stuff to do, Christmas shopping, and a house to decorate for the holidays....we'll talk to you again on Friday.


Sue said...

I have the little white lights and garland on my porch railing, so because I LOVE the big oldfashioned colored lights I decided to put 3 strings of them on a small tree in the front yard. I plugged them into the 5 strings of little white lights and the darn things blew a fuse in the burned out string I use across my porch floor as a connecter line. So, I didn't realize this until after I had drug a huge ORANGE cord from the shed and got the porch lights back on. OMG, this is a much too long story to type, so I'll just say after changing the fuses in the string-extension cord TWICE, and using the orange cord in the yard for the tree to have its own cord but was too short to reach the socket... I'll just close by saying I need to buy 2 100 ft green cords this week and plug the tree in!! YAY, my favorite big colored lights finally!! WHEW!!!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Okay I've got the icicle lights strung up (finally) at about 4 PM yesterday....everything is working fine. Two hours later, half of them are out! And me being the idiot that is me, I'm standing on a step stool in the dark trying to find the break in the line...the extension is fine, and the problem is in the plug that goes into the timer.

I have to wait until tomorrow to fix it....the weather is just too damp and nasty and unpredictable to do it today.

Sue said...

check the little teeny tiny fuses they stick in the end caps of the string of lights!
I went out at 4 to turn the lights on and they didn't come on. So I got my screwdriver and 2 more fuses and a toothpick to pry out the fuses, but when I shook the string they came on! OKAY, now after I ate dinner I got the orange and the red outdoor heavy extension cords and got the colored tree lights ON! I didn't want to wait for a green cord but you can't really see the red one in the grass, it only shows about 6 ft til it gets onto the porch! I think I'm finished and I'm HAPPY! Good luck with the rest of your lights!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- Yep, it was the fuse....everything is working A-OK now! Thanks much!

Sue said...

Good, now we can sparkle and shine for the next few months! Yes I do leave my decorations up til March! LOL

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