Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Playlist; "Pour Me Another Glass of Good Cheer!"

Readers of this blog might be surprised to hear the "sounds of the seasons" on these pages during the holidays. I was thinking about doing something to spice the old bloggeroonie up....and then I heard Zooey Deschanel and Leon Redbone's version of BABY ITS COLD OUTSIDE, and it was a go. Besides, I never miss an opportunity to post a picture or two of beautiful women on this blog, and talk about their talents- it creates traffic here, and keeps me from going nuts talking about the lunacy of politics all of the time.

Christmas wouldn't be the same without the Beach Boys singing LITTLE ST. NICK. And being a Jersey Guy we have to include at least one Bruce and one Bon Jovi Christmas song. BB King and Aaron Neville are on the list because they are who they are....Brian Setzer and his Orchestra because they are soooooo cool. Sarah McLachlan and Joni Mitchell are listed because they're so talented, and Jack Johnson for being so inventive...its almost like hearing RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER as interpreted by a man pretending to be Ella Fitzgerald.

Ray Stevens is on the list because his song touches my "Inner Grinch"....and of course, we have a "Message from the King"....thank you, thank you very much.

That's all for now....another icicle light blew out in front of the house. Wish me luck....crikey!!!! Its colder than a witch's (CENSORED!) out there!

(To start a free playlist on your blog or website, go to and search for some tunes.)

Late Addition!!! I almost forgot- tonight begins the first night of Hannkkah. So sing it, Adam Sandler!


TomCat said...

Great List, Hugh! Is that a GOP Santa in your header?

Hugh Jee From Jersey said..., actually its a self portrait.

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