Monday, November 16, 2009

Wicker Man, Equalizer actor Edward Woodward dies |

Sad news about Edward Woodward, who once starred in the US TV series THE EQUALIZER, but also starred in two of classic films, the original THE WICKER MAN in the 1970's and the Australian Boer War movie BREAKER MORANT.

WICKER MAN was probably most famous for its horrific ending (no spoiler in case you're one of the few who haven't seen it), and for the beautiful Britt Ekland's dancing in the altogether- not to mention the Swedish beauty's dubbed Scottish accent.

BREAKER MORANT- if my memory serves me correctly- on a recent showing on TMC Robert Osborne's commentary was about how BREAKER MORANT became a bonafide US hit. At first it was shown in big city art houses in the summer of 1980. HEAVEN'S GATE, Michael Cimino's followup to THE DEER HUNTER ended up being an overlong box office bomb, and theater owners wanted something to replace it. Enter the well received BREAKER MORANT, which became a hit in the United States, and brought stardom to Woodward across the pond.

Sadly, he dies violently in that movie as well.

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