Monday, November 16, 2009

SARAH PALIN ON OPRAH!!!!! (And I missed it)

For the multitudes that log on to blog for my keen and witty insights on politics today....I have some disappointing news.

Sarah Palin was on the Oprah show today.....and I missed it because I was busy.

Rather than watch Oprah and the former governor of Alaska I opted to perform a DIY frontal lobotomy on myself.

Sorry this is so brief...I have to run out and buy some EXCEDRIN.

To read about Sarah's appearance with Ms. Winfrey click here.

Thank you very much!!!


Sue said...

I missed it too, thank GOD!! I am so bored with the whole stupid thing, there is so much more going on I wish the media would stop giving her a platform!

Hope you can sleep painfree tonight! lol

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- I just saw some of the commentary about the book....McCain's people are not mincing any words, just stopping short of calling Sarah P a liar.

Of course Oprah would never do that.

I wonder if Ms. O gave a free copy of GOING ROGUE to each audience member?

("Oh, great...that one audience a couple of years ago all got new cars...and we get THIS piece of crap! Shhhheeeesh!!!")

TomCat said...

Hugh that we bot missed this event places us both among the blessed.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Tom- I think the guys at SNL are already on a SARAH DOES OPRAH script as I type this

Consider us doubly blessed....yes, there is a God!

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