Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More GOP Reaction To Terrorist Trials in NYC (So What Did You Expect?)

Do you remember John Shadegg?

You know- the Arizona Republican who dangled Baby Maddie as a stage prop on the floor of the United States House of Representatives during the House debate on the health care reform bill?

Well, this might be old news by now, but Mr. Shadegg decided to attack the decision to try five terror suspects, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other 9/11 suspects in lower Manhattan.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said the city of New York can handle the security....but here's a look at what Shadegg said to earn a spot on Keith Olbermann's WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD last night.

(Notice that the O'Reilly guy mangaed to take the two top slots last night).

To be fair, Shadegg did offer an apology to Bloomberg yesterday, but not until he was smacked down by by House Democrats and rebuked by some New York Republicans for his loose cannon tactics.

But it gets worse from the GOP'ers.

Texas Republican Louie Gohmert glibly told FOX NEWS that trying terrorists in Mew York could be a job creator, according to

After eight imprisoning these guys for six years or more, isn't it time to bring them to trial in the state where they took the lives of more than 2,000 innocent victims?

I say yes. We have a Constitution- no matter what O'Reilly says- and its time to do the right thing. To those who are afraid of future terror attacks even if they were to be held by military tribunal down at Gitmo, they would be looking for a soft target anywhere, not exclusively in New York City. That argument doesn't wash.

These men were never a part of a foreign army of combatants. What they are accused of doing were multiple acts of air piracy and murder. They weren't defending another country- what they are accused of was simply murder, many times over. Treat them like any other accused criminal. Military tribunals should be reserved for military personnel, not pirates.


Sue said...

I used to say, I don't HATE, but lately I can't help myself I hate rethugs and their stupidity!! I can't wait for the big trial to start and prove them wrong AGAIN!!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue-I don't hate them, but they honestly bug the hell out of me. So many of their leadership keep repeating the same old song and dance..."Obama is a socialist"....trotting out their Greatest Hits every election cycle-"God, guns, and gays"...and reducing complex issues to bumper sticker/AM talk show simplicity.

I guess sometimes simplicity works best for simple minds- and I'm not talking about Jim Kerr and the guys who sang on THE BREAKFAST CLUB.

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