Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Day in New Jersey




Sue said...

Hugh, today I'm feeling like it just doesn't matter to me anymore. If we get a change in NJ I will hope it works out for the better. Our state is messed up and we need a leader to lower our taxes and put our people back to work. We had a reassessment done on our property, my friend said her taxes went up 400 dollars a quarter! She now pays every quarter what she paid for the whole year when they bought their house 25 years ago. Something is so wrong in our state and I'm ready for a fix, I don't care which side of the isle it comes from.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- the bottom line is this. New Jerseyans for years wanted to have home rule, and have low taxes.

The truth is....you can't have both. If you want to have separate school systems, boards of educations, police forces, fire departments, and municipal government taxes will always be high because you have to pay these people, and then pay for their benefits and retirements.

The key is to consolidate and merge, and spread out the tax base. Daggett has some good ideas, but he's not going to win. Christie is going to use the old GOP smoke and mirrors, "borrow and spend" and pass the check to the next guy. I know what he says; and I don't believe that he believes what he is saying.

My hope is that Corzine, who will not be burdened by trying to get re-elected, finally makes the tough but unpopular decisions that might be necessary....he didn't lower property taxes, but any NJ governor who says he will is not telling the truth; that has to come on a local level.

New Jersey needs a corporate restructuring....does it make sense to turn the statehouse over to the same political party that almost let the national economy fall off a cliff?

I know I'm damning Jon Corzine with faint praise....but I think he's the logical choice.

Chris Christie was a great US attorney...he would be an asset to the Obama administration (that is, if they're serious about bipartisanship).

VOTE, will ya!!!!

Sue said...

of course Christie will borrow and spend, thats what Whitman(the other useless Christie!) did. I came to my senses and voted for Corzine, now my fingers are crossed!

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