Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Coburn- Just Say "No" To American Veterans and Their Families

Here are some of the grim facts;

2,200 veterans die each year because they lack health insurance.

One in four veterans is homeless.

As many as 250,000 veterans will not have a roof over their heads at some time during the next calendar year.

There is an omnibus bill in the Senate that will provide aid to some of these veterans, and their families and their caregivers. One man in the United States Senate is holding the bill up. He is being opposed by every American veteran's advocacy group. And this man is a medical school graduate, and still practices family medicine.

His name is Senator Tom Coburn, an Oklahoma Republican nicknamed "Dr. No".

Below, the video from COUNTDOWN featuring Keith Olbermann and Paul Rieckhoff of The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

To contact Senator Coburn's office by email click here.

1 comment:

TomCat said...

Coburn should have to spend a year as a front-line medic. Maybe then he'd appreciate our vets.

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