Tuesday, November 3, 2009

AP; Its Christie As New Jersey's New Governor

The Associated Press has declared Republican challenger Chris Christie the winner in the New Jersey Governor's race with a 49% to 45% lead over Democratic challenger Jon Corzine. Independent Chris Daggett was a distant third with 5% of the vote. The anticipated double digit vote for Daggett never materialized and appears to have been switched to Christie at the last minute. Daggett has conceded to Christie, and has also contacted the Corzine camp.

At 10:37PM New Jersey Network has said that Governor Corzine has yet to concede to Christie.

At 10:42 NJN shows Christie with 49%, Corzine with 45% and Daggett with 5%. With 90% of the vote counted NJN's Political Director Michael Aron has declared Chris Christie as New Jersey's next governor.

I'm a member of the opposition party....and I want to congratulate Governor Elect Christie on his victory. And best of luck to our new governor.

And to Governor Jon Corzine...thank you for fighting the good fight.

Update Corzine delivering concession speech as I type this (10:59PM).


Sue said...

My thts... NJ is in for some changes, I don't know yet if they will be good or bad. These repubs have a chance to do something good for our state and if they don't deliver then they will pay in 2010. What will this mean for the land preservation question?? Will Christie continue what Corzine has done? My husband is partners in a Beagle Club that they are on the list to sell to the state, it better happen, our future depends on it!!

Sue said...

wow, are my eyes even open yet LOL, that shoud say 'THOUGHTS'

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- I never really thought about the land preservation initiative until the other night.

I was watching TV- far right conservative Republican Steve Lonegan appeared in a commercial for a NO vote on the question.

I figured if Steverino (who'd be happy if the Articles of Confederation were brought back) was against the initiative, then it had to be a pretty good bill....so I voted for it!


Sue said...

yay! It is a great bill for us especially in rural S. Jersey. If this club doesn't get bought by the state, I'm heading for the poor house!

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