Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The White House vs FOX NEWS CHANNEL and Rush Gets Punked

Last night on Countdown....the skirmishes between the Obama Administration and FOX NEWS CHANNEL escalate. As long as the ratings are good, who cares about the facts?

And speaking of "facts"...Rush Linbaugh presents a parody about President Obama's college thesis as fact, then is told by someone that the piece is satire, and then trys to pawn it off as some kind of made up stuff that he knows must really be true anyway.

Forget "Worst Person In The World". He just might be the most foolish person in media today this side of Glenn Beck. The only dumber people are the ones who listen to him everyday and acutally believe his "facts".

Seeing is believing, heh?

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1 comment:

PALS said...

Fox News is quite terrific on obtaining a good rating with this issue. They deserve the right for free press.

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