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UT&MR's Hot Topics; The People Places, and Things You Readers Want To Know More About

Every once in awhile I like to talk about what blog entries the readers are logging on to read about- who's hot, and who ain't, if you will. There are always surprises each week- each day, for that matter- about who or what the readers are interested in. One thing I try to do is to stay away from the usual "A-List" celebrity talk. True, I'll give them a mention every once in awhile. But what I'm finding is that this blog, and blogs in general, can serve a viable purpose in gathering and presenting information about topics and personalities who the public might have an interest in, and who may fall through the cracks as far as the traditional commercial media is concerned. And since a make a pittance as far as advertising revenue (enough to cover my printer cartridges for the year), I write about people and topics that interest me without the profit motivation. In other words, I do this because I enjoy doing it, because there sure isn't any money in it.

So let's take a look at what and who you readers are logging unto UT&MR to get more info on. And I'll give you more topical info on those topics as we go on.

The New Jersey Governor's Race
The 2009 New Jersey governor's race is without a doubt the hottest political topic on this blog. Within minutes after posting my synopsis of Thursday night's debate between Democratic incumbent Jon Corzine, Republican challenger Chris Christie, and Independent Chris Daggett the readership began trickling in overnight and picked up the next day. I was of the opinion that the little known Daggett had won the debate. Reading several columns from print journalists, I find that I'm not alone. In today's Star-Ledger Tom Moran believes that Daggett emerged the winner. Read his assessment in the aptly headlined
Gov Corzine, GOP candidate Christie bloodied during debate. In my opinion (if that's worth anything); whoever wins this race-and it is a three way race now- will NOT have a mandate from the voters. It is possible that the next governor of New Jersey could win election with 40% of the vote or less. Expect Daggett to take votes from independents and moderates in both Republican and Democratic districts. Daggett could take as much as 20% of the vote....if not more. I'm not going to be so bold as to say that Daggett will win, but I will say this- he's a populist, people like him, and stranger things have happened in elections. His candidacy is for real, so Corzine and Christie (and their respective party operatives) beware!

Woodstock In August I posted a three day retrospective of the 1969 Woodstock concert in honor of its 40th Anniversary. Everyday there are people logging into this blog looking for info and video on the event. In particular, readers seem to be looking for performances that didn't make it into the WOODSTOCK motion picture. There have been a lot of hits looking for the entries of CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL, MOUNTAIN, and BLOOD, SWEAT, and TEARS. Curiously, most of these queries are from overseas, mainly from non English speaking countries (I love my new gadgets for finding these things out!)

The Woodstock entries are new territory for some of the young'ins out there, and were nostalgic for oldsters like me, who remember what it was like when the music REALLY MATTERED. It was fun doing the series, and I'm glad you guys have enjoyed it.

But.........there's much, much more to talk about.

Davinia Palmer is a former host on QVC who was elevated to "permanent host" status, and then left shortly afterwords in late 2008. She gets a mention because she remains one of the people most searched on this blog, very often in the top search queries per week and per day (note the "POPULAR PAGES" gadget in the left hand margin). QUEEN BEA (who's picture I'm going to put on a milk carton) has several Davinia related blog entries. In late 2008 Davinia Palmer could be found on an Australian travel/reality show called GETAWAY. In addition to posting a "host video" clip on YouTube, it seems that she is stateside again. Recently I came across Davinia on, still doing voice overs and looking to expand. When I clicked her website (listed on the page) I got a "under construction" message. So it appears that her new site will soon be operational, and she can fill in the blanks about "what ever happened to Davinia?" in due time.

That's all I know. Really. Please don't waterboard me!

Fashion designer Kim Parrish once again is one of the most searched personalities on this blog. In addition to her work and appearances on "electronic retailing" (ie. the shopping channels) she is also president of Miss America's Outstanding Teen, a scholarship program, and recently Kim Parrish became the co-author of a children's book, The Snapdragon Princess. In late September Kim held a book signing event in her hometown of Parkersburg, West Virginia, and the readership in this blog spiked for the next two days, up about 40 to 50%, I suppose from the curious who wanted to know more. This was the same result we saw here during another book signing in August, and during Kim's appearances on QVC.UK. On Sunday October 4th Kim will debut her fashion line on Canada's The Shopping Channel with several appearances throughout the day. Recently Kim sat down and did an interview on the website Best Ever You.

Now, you're probably asking when her next US appearance will be. Good question. I have no answer. But as her Kim Parish Collection Facebook page has noted..."More exciting news to come!!".

OK..I think that covers it....enough info for ya? I thought so.

Tamsen Fadal, the beautiful co-anchor of the Pix Morning News (WPIX Channel 11, New York) caused a bit of a stir when she decided to prove to her her viewing audience that she could do good, real pushups....and did them on her anchor desk. Of course the video ended up on YouTube, and yes, I dutifully embedded the video on this blog.

I can't be about lefty politics all the time, now can I?

Tamsen and her husband, relationship expert Matt Titus, have written and publised two books in the past two years, Why Hasn't He Called? (2008) and Why Hasn't He Proposed? (2009). And if they don't seem like guests on an episode of Sex And The City....well, than my name is really T. Boone Pickens. (It isn't really-he roots for Okey State, I'm a Rutgers guy.)

And finally, let me present the most searched and read individual on this blog. You know her as Flo, The Progressive (Insurance) Lady. But her real name is Stephanie Courtney....and I swear, there must be a cult of "Flo-ers" out there. Every day there are at least 10, 20, 30 views for Stephanie, most of which come from the United States (no surprise) It may not seem like a lot, but that adds up to about 1,000 page views since I did a profile of Stephanie back on July 16th. I was curious myself since Flo has become part of our pop culture, and Stephanie's background in standup and improv I find fascinating. She was also a recurring character in Season One of Madmen- I remember thinking to myself that the telephone operator looked and sounded like FLO the PROGRESSIVE LADY....or it being the 1960's, maybe Flo's Mom. Stephanie also appeared in the late (but not lamented) Kath and Kim and Cavemen (do you see the same irony I do?). Recently she did an episode of the Emmy winning United States of Tara on SHOWTIME.

Here's more on Stephanie in the Huffington Post, and you too can be one of her 20,386 fans on FACEBOOK.

Well, that's it for now. I think I just found the subject for my next profile, a couple of people with even more "cult potential" than Flo.

I'm thinking about the two dorky guys who are tailgating in those Allstate commercials.

I wonder if the one guy ever got to really touch Bobby Bowden?

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