Friday, October 23, 2009

Soup- Soup- Soupy's Gone- Comedian Soupy Sales Exits At Age 83

" The Mouse, yeah! can do it in your house, yeah!"

Another little piece of my childhood passed on with the news of the death on Thursday of 83 year old comedian Soupy Sales. Soupy had a long career in various venues and shows, but his biggest success was probably in the mid 1960's when he did a show on WNEW, Channel 5 in New York City. I believe the show was on about 6:00PM, and had his "friends Pookie", White Fang (America's Meanest Dog), Black Tooth (America's Nicest Dog) and a slew of cast mates, most of who were never seen on camera, only a hand or an arm...or a claw in the case of White Fang and Black Tooth.

It was baggy pants schtick, but anything but a TRUE kiddie show. Everything was just slightly out of control, and it gave the parents something to laugh about...even though they where chiding us for watching such nonsense. It was fun and was a definition of "what is 'camp?'" in those days of The British Invasion/ Op Art/ and "these guys have GOT to be stoned to do this on TV".

Soupy had a decent cult following....stars like Frank Sinatra and Tony Curtis would show up, getting slapped with pies in the face, just like Soupy. His little ditty "The Mouse" became a hit record, and even got him a coast to coast gig on Sunday night's ED SULLIVAN SHOW on CBS, and started a minor dance craze....that is, if you can consider making a gnawing motion with your mouth while your hands simulate a mouses ears flopping around to be "dancing".

Below, Soupy talks about what REALLY happened when he told the kids in the audience to go in their parents wallets while they were sleeping and send him the "little green pieces of paper". No, its not an urban legend. That one really happened.

Also, three clips from a 1965 SOUPY SALES SHOW.

Click here for more on the life and career of Soupy Sales.


Samantha K said...

i absolutely loved Soupy Sales' personality, some of the best facial expressions ever

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

His show was always done with an awareness that a lot of adults were also tuning into this "kiddie show"....I still have to laugh at some schtick he did with White Fang. There was at least one kid in every school back in the day who knew how to disrupt class and get some laughs with a decent White Fang impression.

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