Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scarborough and O'Donnell Heat It Up On MORNING JOE

Today on Morning Joe a VERY heated exchange between host Joe Scarborough and frequent guest Lawrence O'Donnell, triggered by their reactions to former Vice President Dick Cheney's comments about President Obama "dithering" in Afghanistan.

Looking on were Mika Brzezinski, Mike Barnicle, and Willie Geist. All were wearing kevelar vests and helmets.

Just in case.


Sue said...

I saw this today, I watch Morning Joe every morning. Lawrence O'Donnell is one of my favorites, he's very smart! Do you think Joe is gonna run in 2012? He's not as radical as most wingnuts, but he'd never win against Obama, that is if Obama stays on the right track and fulfills his campaign promises!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Sue- I think that the GOP has gone so far to the right that Joe will be unacceptable as a candidate. I mean, he actually believes the earth is round, and revolves around the sun. And remember after the truth about the prelude to the war in Iraq came out, Scarborough did hammer Bush and others in the administration.

And besides, most Dems actually like the guy. That makes him poison (or a "RINO") as far as Chairman Rush and his Children of the Devolution are concerned.

And Joe kind of reminds me of my Republican cousin from Georgia....great guy, but just don't talk politics with him.

TomCat said...

I can respect Joe, even though I disagree with him 99.44% of the time. He's usually civil. That puts him at odds with the current GOP regime.

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