Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rep. Rob Andrews of New Jersey vs "Fair and Balanced" Tag Team

We know that Fox News Channel is "fair and balanced".....because they say they are.

(Just like THE PINK PANTHER's Inspector Clouseau, who told his boss Inspector Dreyfuss that the "blind man' who was a lookout at a bank robbery was REALLY blind...."Becuzz he tolld me sooo").

Just look at what happens when Jersey guy Rep. Rob Andrews (Dem, 1st District) asks for that famous "fair and balanced" treatment from FOX anchor Gregg Jarrett and conservative Republican Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee as they try to do a verbal assault (ala WWE tag team) on him in this video.

From his reaction, you'd swear that Mr. Jarrett has a problem with the term "fair and balanced.

I wonder why?

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