Friday, October 2, 2009

Quick Hits For October 2nd ( On The Serious Side)

(1) I watched David Letterman last night while he told his story of the extortion attempt from a CBS producer because Dave admittedly had an affair with a young female CBS staffer. Talking about it on stage to a national audience was a smart move, rather than have it leaked out to to the press and be subject to 1,000 cuts. And he handled the story masterfully, turning it into a comic mystery until the very end, when he fessed up and said that he did, indeed, have an affair and was being blackmailed because of it.

I couldn't help but think about another comic a generation ago, who also had an indiscretion blow up in his face, and then joked about it to an audience. And it did, literally, blow up in his face. That funny man was the late Richard Pryor, who turned the tragedy of being severely burned when the ether of in the glass freebase pipe he was smoking exploded and caused Pryor to burst into flames, causing severe burns all over his body and critically injuring him. After his recovery Pryor turned the incident into a comic storytelling masterpiece in his concert tour, which was captured in this segment of Richard Pryor Live On The Sunset Strip.

As you'll see in the video below, in time you can expect David Letterman to turn his incident into some comic fodder. Because that's what guys in his business do- show us that the flip side of tragedy can be comedy.

(2) On the Roman Polanski controversy. All the sympathy he is garnering in his case has be baffled, to say the least. Let's bottom line it. He plead guilty in 1977 to having unlawful sex with a 13 year old girl, whom he had drugged, had intercourse with, and then sodomized. Before sentencing he fled to Europe, where he remained until his arrest on September 26. Polanski, who had a Jewish father and a Catholic mother who was half Jewish, was sent to sent to the Krakow ghetto by the Nazi;s during World War II. He survived the ghetto, and his father made it out of the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp. Polanski's mother, however, was one of the millions put to death; she was killed at Auschwitz.

That being said...the hunters of the perpetrators of the Nazi regime's crimes never took a day off. They hunted guilty down, and continue to do so to this day, even though the collaborators are now old men. Because its about justice, for those murdered by the Nazis, like Ryszard Liebling Polanski, Roman's mother. Its justice delayed, but justice none the less.

And may it be so for Roman Polanski.

Roman Polanski admitted his crime, and then ran away from his punishment. Does he get a pass because he makes great movies?

And, what would one say if the victim were YOUR 13 year old daughter?

(3) Rio De Janiero to host the 2016 Olympics. And I'm not surprised. South America has never hosted the Summer Games (even though it will be winter down there). The United States hosted winter games in Salt Lake City recently, and summer games in Atlanta in 1996 and Los Angeles in 1984. Chicago would have been a great host city, but I do think that the cards may have been stacked against yet another American Olympics. I suppose there might have been some sentiment against the Chicago games, particularly in developing nations. It would have been nice, but I really won't be losing any sleep about this tonight.

That's it! I'll be back with some "lighter stuff" later on

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