Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Personal Disclaimer Regarding The Anti-Healthcare Reform Ads That Have Appeared On This Blog

I just wanted to take a minute to tell a little story to the readership. Minutes ago I answered a comment from another blogger in the Keith Olbermann SPECIAL COMMENT entry, the hour long one he did on health insurance reform.

At the bottom of the page there was a new advertisement, one I'd never seen before. In this ad there was a line of people with the question "DMV"...and then it was crossed out.

Then the words (paraphrasing) "a visit to the doctor's office" appeared. That's right, it was an ad placed on my blog by either the insurance industry, or by the minions of that industry.

It came after a passage in which Keith Olbermann gave his heartfelt observations on the insurance industry, and how it relates to his situation with his ailing father. I gave a few lines about what I'm going through with my mother, and her recent experiences with pain management, and what can and cannot be done.

The people who placed the ad in that entry have a right to do so under their contract with GOOGLE.

And I have a right to an opinion about this strategy- it was tasteless, shameless, and shows that those opponents of public option will say or do anything to win their war against "We The People".

Am I angry about this? You bet. I take it personally, as a slap not just on my face, but to my parents and their pain and suffering as well.

The anti-reform ads you see on this blog are not endorsed by me or this blog. In fact, the opposite is true.

I detest and repudiate them.

And from this day forward, for every anti reform ad I see on this blog, you will find two stories in opposition.

That is a promise.


Sue said...

hi Hugh, This is my first time here, I'm a Jersey girl, South Jersey that is! I hate those ads especially when I go visit a fellow dem and see an ad for the likes of Coulter!! YUK!! Nice to meet you, stop over sometime!
(to my blog, lol) Sue

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Hey Sue! Despite the name of this blog, I usually don't rant. Nine times out of ten I pick my words carefully and precisely....but this time I saw that ad, and there was smoke literally coming out of my ears.

The people who run the health insurance industry are the kind of guys who watch ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE each Christmas and root for Old Man Potter.

And how in the hell can the GOP and Blue Dogs ally themselves with an industry that is so culpable in driving so many individuals into bankruptcy in a country where we are told that if persevere, the "good Guys" will win?

They've made me turn the corner from observer and commentator to activist. And I'm going to use my pulpit.

Gonna check out your blog....later!

TomCat said...

Hugh, I don'y use adsense for two reasons. First, it really slows the blog down. Second, I cannot control the content.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

TomCat- there is a way to control content from Adsense, but its complicated and contrived. You have to enter the URL of the sites you don't want to advertise on the blog, but these guys usually work out of several domains, and they'll just switch to another URL.

Its like the story of the hydra- cut off its head and two more grow in its place.

So, I am considering dropping Adsense altogether- no real money in it, and I hate to give space on this blog to people, things, and concepts I oppose.

No advertising, no money....but some semblance of peace of mind.

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