Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize to mixed reviews | General News |

In a stunning surprise, President Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize after less than a year in office, while the nation is still involved in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and with a thin resume in his efforts to obtain world peace.

Mr. Obama was awarded the prize for offering hope for world peace and his work towards nuclear disarmament.

My personal opinion; though I'm happy to see that the President won the Nobel Prize, I have to ask- is the prize more about Barack Obama or is it a repudiation of eight years of George W. Bush by the Nobel Committee?

And I wonder how Rush Limbaugh and the other media gasbags on the Right spin this? Last week they were screaming that Chicago's snub by the Olympic Committee was the world's condemnation of Obama and his policies.

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TomCat said...

As much as I support Obama, it would have been better for them to wait long enough for him to earn it.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

TomCat- Then again, it all depends on how he leverages the capital he has as a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Domestically the usual suspects will take their usual shots; those guys would follow him to BEN & JERRY's- if he ordered Cherry Garcia it would prove that he's a lefty Dead Head, and probably uses LSD as well, in their eyes.

It was a surprise to all, and few if any even knew he was a nominee. And the more you look at it the more it appears this award was given to President Obama as a repudiation by the Nobel Committee for eight years of George Bush, and the direction his administration took this country. Its the only logical explanation I have for "why Barack Obama?"

TomCat said...

I changed my mind. He led the movement that removed the Republicans from power. What politician could do more for world peace?

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