Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Thoughts On The "Jersey Turnpike" World Series

(1). I can't help but think of Cleveland Indians fans who must be looking at this post season, and quite frankly must be going a little bit bonkers. Tomorrow's starters in the World Series were stars with the Tribe and traded. Carlsten Charles Sabathia went 19-7 in 2007 and won the AL Cy Young Award. The next year he was traded to Milwaukee early in the year, and went 11-2 with the Brewers (he was 6-8 with Cleveland) and led the Brewers to the National League playoffs. This year the free agent made big bucks with the Yankees, and went 19-8.

He's a really big man. His friends, and everyone else, just call him "CC".

But there's more. Not content to deal just one ace to another team, the Indians decided to stretch it into a double. Cliff Lee went 22-3 with a bad Cleveland team in 2008, and won the 2008 AL Cy Young Award. He started 7-9 with the Indians in 2009, was traded to the Phillies and went 7-4 for a record of 14-13. The Cleveland Indians had the two best pitchers in the American League in successive years (2007 and 2008) and traded them during the seasons after they had won the Cy Young Award.

Now they meet in Game One of the World Series for other teams.

But there's more....Lee's teammate Ben Francisco, and Boston's Victor Martinez, and Minnesota pitcher Carl Pavano were others sent packing in 2009 to playoff bound teams. Ryan Garko went to the Giants, who just missed the playoffs.....and down in Dodgerland were a couple of guys named (Jim) Thome and (Manny) Ramirez, former Indians who had parted ways years ago, who continued Hall of Fame quality careers.

Its got to be heartbreaking for the fans of northern Ohio who have been without a World's Championship in any sport since the 1964 Browns won the NFL Championship in the pre-Super Bowl Era. They deserve so much more than what ownership is giving them on the diamond.

(2) The Battle of the All-Star Shortstops. The World Champion Phillies have Jimmy Rollins, who batted an unimpressive .250 but with 21 HR's, 43 doubles, 77 RBI's, 100 runs, and 31 stolen bases. He made only six errors at shortstop.

The Yankees counter with The Captain, Derek Sanderson Jeter- I wonder how many Philly fans remember Derek Sanderson's stay with the Philadelphia Blazers of the old World Hockey League? Mr. Jeter hit .334 in 2009, with 18 homers, 27 doubles, 212 hits, 107 runs, 66 RBI's, 11 stolen bases, and eight errors.

Gotta go with "Mr. November" in a series that will extend into a new month.

(3) Pedro Martinez is set to be the Phillies starter in Game Two of the World Series in Yankee Stadium. I know Phillies' manager Charlie Manuel is usually involved in all matters dealing with the National League....but didn't he ever hear about the notorious "Who's Your Daddy?" chant from 50,000+ Yankee fans in the 2003 ALCS?

If he's never heard it before, he will sometime on Thursday night.

(4) Getting back to the idea of New Jersey being a state divided during the World Series, here's a couple of views from the Star-Ledger, the first from Dan Goldberg and the second by Steve Politi.

And you guys thought I was making this stuff up? Read those two links, they get paid for being right all of the time; I'm just a blogger- I keep throwing stuff at you and hope I'm right.

(5) Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said today in a press conference that the Phillies need to play the Yankees. I understand what he means. Its about validation. The Phillies are the defending World Champions, yet are very much perceived as upstarts, pretenders to a vacated throne. What better way to claim the title of the "Best Team In The World" than to slay the biggest giant of the all, "The Beast that Won 40 American League Championships and 26 World Series"?

If the Phils do win out, they will be the first National League team to win back to back World Series since the great Big Red Machine, the 1975-76 Cincinnati Reds.

I'll be back with more thoughts about all things Series-ous tomorrow, and for the duration.


Sue said...

I think the Phillies can win this! We'll see!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

I think they can win it too. They're probably the best National league team, top to bottom, in maybe a decade or so. If any Yankee fans are already getting set for that victory parade down Broadway....not so fast, my friend.

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