Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Goodell should say no to Limbaugh | Comcast.net

Jason Whitlock

Here we have a great column from FoxSports.com's Jason Whitlock on the controversy involving Rush Limbaugh and his efforts (along with Dave Checketts) to buy the NFL's St.Louis Rams from the heirs of the late Georgia Frontiere, and the reaction....or inaction...of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

In my opinion....the right wing political commentary (with doses of racist leanings) that Limbaugh preaches is the business he has chosen. Now he wants to be an owner in a league where the majority of players are African American. Sorry Rush, you can't have it both ways. The league will probably vote down your attempt, and thus become your next target for your jabs as an "entertainer". A league that has has its share of embarrassments because of the off the field activities of Michael Vick, "Pacman" Jones, and Tank Johnson doesn't need the stain of an owner who once- for entertainment's sake- played a song called "Barack the Magic Negro".

Jason Whitlock has a couple of other vintage Rushisms in his piece. The sad thing is I'm not shocked by them- its business as usual in Rush World.

And I won't even get into the league and its issue of substance abuse for its players. I wonder if the rule is enforceable on the ownership?

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