Thursday, October 1, 2009

Corzine, Christie, and Daggett Debate In New Jersey Governor's Race

The first gubernatorial debate in New Jersey was held tonight between incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine, Republican Chris Christie, and Independent Chris Daggett.

And the big winner was.....Mr. Daggett.

Daggett, who in recent polls was at 12% of the vote compared to 43% for Christie and 39% for Governor Corzine, came across as polished, likable, approachable, honest, and had a plan to alleviate the fiscal crisis in Trenton that made sense and just could work. He did have the best one liners, much to the chagrin of the much higher profile candidates.

Corzine was his dignified and professorial self. As one analyst put it after the debate, no one will ever confuse Jon Corzine with Daniel Webster when it comes to oratory. Corzine spent a good deal of time defending his record from attacks,mainly from Republican Christie. Corzine still had a difficult time defining his vision for the next four years. But he was positively forthcoming when compared to Chris Christie.

Christie stayed with his mantra that all will be well if New Jersey just reduces spending and cuts taxes. What Christie did not do, nor has he ever done, is give clear plan on where cuts in spending would come from. The question remains- suppose he does cut taxes and cuts spending, and still has a budget gap in the billions of dollars. What does he do then? If he has an answer, we never got to hear it.

Christie, the front runner, appeared feisty and tense. It was his debate to lose. And in this writer's opinion, he did.

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